Was on methadone, ‘drone, for a few years 18-20 old.
Went to jail.

Was reduced off 160MG methadone over a month. Was not good.
Didn’t feel well for months.
Didn’t sleep for what seemed like the whole time in jail.
Silly me, forgot to take into account the fact I started going through withdrawal my second night in there as was taking a thousand MG of morphine.

New Zealanders are always making things – You mix morphine with AA (chemical used for all sorts of things, similar to photo processing chemicals) and then evaporate the chemicals out, a few other ingrediants and you pretty much have a nice pink watery substance that is as close to dia’ as you’re going to find.
Anyways, this was a huge amount. Therepuetic doses would be up to 500mg a day, pretty much top. Even then, you would have to be on your deathbed in NZ to get that.

Right, so that was then.

This is now.

Two days without. Day two of nothing to do.

I have chronic back pain from injury AND arthritis aparently… Had various operations on this.

Because of pain over the years I have always gone back to opiates. Have spent more years on then off.
Have done the cold turkey route more times than I care to remember – Once four times in one year! Talk about self imflicted suffering.

This time the methadone I have been taking for the last year (with one month off in December) took me by surprise. Holy crap, it hit hard. Maybe my 39 year old frame isn’t handling it as well as it used to.
Maybe the 50-75mg of methadrone I was taking most days was too much to simply jump off.

After getting to day four of a self imposed abstinence, I just went and got some more. Bugger I was ill. Everyone was saying I looked like death warmed up. Even street junkies were looking at me like they felt sorry for me.
Seriously? WTF? Come on!

At least I did the hard yards twenty years ago in giving up a huge amount. Ever since I have been avoiding any seriously big addictions reasonably well.

Still think I am in for a hiding here…

Managed to get a few cards of Tramodol, but have found the withdrawal to be confusing between the ‘drone and tramodol before. Considering I started mild withdrawals within 30 hours of last methadone consumption and my back (pain) is preventing me from walking a mile there is ample evidence to suggest that I going to have my arse kicked long and hard.

Last week intake…
Monday 0 (spent all day in bed)
Tuesday 25mg
Wednesday 75mg
Thursday 0 (did some stuff)
Friday 25mg
Saturday 50mg (rode 26miles on old bike with daughter)
Sunday 0 (rung up and got daughter picked up at 7pm 2 hours sleep at 10pm – nothing since)
Monday 0 (sore back)

Hmmph, “sucks to be me”

Tried getting local Community Health people to put me on a detox, but they wouldn’t do it as I would “FAIL“.

Fail definition must be something like “use an opiate within two years” or other complete madness. After coming off eighteen and a half years ago they have had no contact or complaint from me, I felt as though my current level was too high (being average of about 50mg a day at the time – a few weeks ago).

At least the last week got the average daily consumption down a little. But would still guess that 25mg would be a minimum requirement.

Winge, moan, groan.

This is a boring post huh?

Tune in again for tomorrows episode when you’ll hear Mr NZFIEND say
“oh for gods sake” and start yawning uncontrollably.

Footnote – original posting was on different sites that have had issues showing up. Therefore there may forever be a large missing amount of work, which really rips my undies.



  1. How many times do i have to tell you it is losing not loosing. Otherwise a very good read


    1. Ah, for fucksake. I have been trying. Honestly. I get it correct sometimes. But I still spell becuase wrong every time too you know.


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