DAY 13 – All the children are insane.

Sitting in INterNET shoppe, Newtown.

Sleep = Minimal (most people would suggest, none)

Co-ordination = Minimal (some people would suggest, none)

Brain Processes = Minimal (most would suggest “shutting down rapidly” to be more appropriate)

Body functions = Fair to Average (some would think one muffin unfilling, I think it logical – Why bother putting in what is just coming flooding out?)

IQ level before taking drugs = Not telling

IQ level test a few years ago = Not telling either (just emailed requesting another test, but wondering if it was viable in my current turmoil. … turns out it probably isn’t.. I just did an online one and my head just felt like fog the whole time… It was useless, did not feel good doing it at all)

I actually am in some serious trouble with this now.

Not the physical aspects that seem to get so much attention from the idiot Doctors.

No, nothing so trivial.

Three people have asked me if I am ADHD this morning. How the fuck does that happen anyway? Like, dude, you what? I am not wearing a t-shirt with DHHA written on it or anything. My behaviour when out and about is the giveaway.

And beat this, the last guy to tell me said he knows another guy with untreated ADDH who is intelligent… He just went out and thought it would be funny to start flashing people and is in jail right now. Interesting.

Very interesting.

There were these five young guys. And one guy………………………… Oh wait. That story was only onto its third guy………… I am getting ahead of myself.

I was down trying to get a coffee. Three young builder guys laughed in my direction. One had dreads the same as I used to – Long, scraggly, ginga, blonde things that he was proud of. I suggested that I would add his to my own collection at home, shouldered two of them out the way and put a shoulder into the sternum of the third. Blew coffee all over poor old Johns coffee shop. A nice little explosion of my making. I then turned around, shouldered through the other two again and sat down outside. Did not take my eyes off them the whole time. They would not look at me. And left very meekly trying to save face in front of the other builders who were lurking around.

This is how intelligent grown male people solve their differences.

All this 1990’s namby pamby crap can take a hike.

I offered John some cash for his efforts in cleaning up and explained myself a little.

And I have my nine year old daughter all weekend in a few hours.

Have I been on a crack pipe constantly for a week and a half combined with flu or is this the “hardly worth mentioning” withdrawal that Doctors and Gods tell me is all in my head.

It is all in my head alright. A giant wave of crap that will take you and me outside and put a bat through your head and put mine in jail for a long time.


I will be fine.

Like giving up large addictions in jail. You do not have an option. So you shut up and get on with it.

And then she will go home on Sunday night and the naughty or nice beast will flip a coin and go fuck with some shit.

I need sleep. I need it now. And I need it long.
But that ain’t happening.

So I am sitting in an internet cafe. The Doors blasting through headphones… “All the children are insane……. Waiting for the summer rain……….”


PS – Just filled out another ADHD test and put the results up in the “tests” section of this blog.


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