DAY 18 – No tale of relapse

Hey, SAM MCBRIDE will be spewing. NO RELAPSE YET. Saw Sam on TV today saying that by reducing the last sale for take-away alcohol from 10pm to 9pm they will stop binge drinkers. OMG. Kill yourself Sam. It makes more sense to kill yourself old mate. Just do it.

Apparently they are changing the laws for slander on blogs. I will happily go to court and attempt to prove that Sam McBride spends time with his own penis in his lime green dyson. So there…..

Happy thoughts, breathe….

Paramount movie theatre. Warm. Nice. Sitting there by myself for twenty minutes listening to some Cradle of Filth doing Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode… Anything they can get their hands on… Actually quite a nice noise…. Started thinking about saying “hi, I am NZFiend and I am an addict” into the empty space of the five hundred seat theatre… Refrained, but chuckled.

Someone else came in. Ah well, it’s to be expected I guess…

F CK N wet and windy out there. Gusts of 150km/h I reckon. Real cold and wet. And windy. Wellington is always windy, but you know it’s windy windy when you stand still and jump. And you land about a foot forward. It makes crossing roads neat – You just sort of hop vertically and build quite a speed up…. Hahahahah

GregGregoroff_septicnoise_01Was quite interesting seeing old Bailterspace footage and shit. Reminds me of doing posters for NORML gigs and the like 1990-1992… Septic Noise Grinder. Click on the link, video there from old 1993 Thistle Hall Norml / Vivisection gig. These guys were a year younger or two. My best mates brother on drums, Paul just being a drunk fuck…. Classic shit. Paul is still around. Still drunk. Still an abusive punk. I think we are almost fourty. He thinks we’re still teenagers as well. I wonder if he ever gets to see his kid? Life.

Hard to tell if its the booze or all the punches in the head that have ruined his high functioning. He was a clever guy. Other than turning up to school with a fringe and a rats tail with nothing in between one time……..

Was very interesting seeing young film makers take on some old shit like this band from fucken InvaVagas. Satan Slaves patch alongside Antartic Angels and all sorts of interesting little photos were included in this 50 minute film. Was neat. Some of the more genteel crowd asked questions like “why were they a bit cagey on their interviews?” OMG. Fuck. Dude. I talk openly. And even I don’t say everything. Read my blog carefully. Then have a close think about what could be said, but never will.

Anyway, INVA-VAGAS. Never thought it was that interesting to be honest. I remember chatting to Mayor Tim one day. He used to make burgers in Queenstown for a few years between jobs as Mayor. Used to give him shit… Good guy though. Best guy to be a mayor really. Don’t be fooled, he is no slouch. No flies on him.

But INVA-VAGAS is really so not interesting. Nothing happens there apart from making aluminium and importing quite illegal guns and drugs through the smelter. (oops, there goes one of those things that I shouldn’t have said…. The guy in the audience tonight would fall over and faint if the answer to “why were they cagey in interviews?” was “well, John, it was because none of them wanted to tell us about having rocket propelled grenades and large machine guns…”…. See printed photo from Nelson Herald I think it was – Three patched members with an RPG on top of Takaka hill – Look it up yourself…..I just spent ten minutes on google and cannot find the image. Two bikes parked on hill – think it is Motueka, Nelson area. One on bike with rocket propelled grenade launcher and another standing with large calibre weapon of some description…..? Anyone remember where this image came from? Seventies black and white.)

Have spent time there motorbiking…. Boring as all hell. Other than the deviant motel… Actually, no – we had a great time, but the town looked bad. Real bad. Had a hell of a good time in Timaru in some rough as pub on the way down though

ended up sprinting from the pub to the camping ground naked with a few pissed off bikers after me coz I drunk all their drinks, took me clothes off and jumped on a couple of their younger sisters as it turns out…….. Ran through the door of our cabin so fast that my leg impaled itself on a fucken big hook that some camp ground curator had put there for more proper campers to hang rubbish bags on. All our rubbish was on the floor. Along with the four bunk bed mattresses, my motorbike buddy and the two sisters we were with. They were all naked too, it’s just that the younger one had to get up and shut the door and pull my leg off the damn hook. It wouldn’t budge, she passed out. My mate Andrew grabbed my foot and pulled my leg back… POP, we both fell against the door just as the biker guys found the door and tried to push it open against my head — CLONK — . They saw one naked chick of dubious age flat on her back, obviously either dead or dying, her older sister  looking like a fucked off devil (she had not moved from where my mate had just retracted from giving her one, so was in a position most not dignified and most definitely needing servicing – NOW) and us two guys in a tangled mess with a fountain of blood all over my privates and my head stuck between the wall and the door…. Hahahahahah. Those bikers just shut the door and went “FUCK!” and walked back to the bar slapping each other. Hahahahaha. We left early in the morning. To go motorbike racing I had to grab a few cigerette filters and jam them into the hole in my thigh so my leathers didn’t keep unplugging big clots of scab everytime I leant into a right hander. And no one knew I was injecting opiates the whole trip… Apart from one of the scrutineers at one of the race meetings. He decided to do an alternator test to make sure I had not removed the alternator for an extra horsepower contrary to rules and found I.V gear in the air filter where I kept it hidden from everyone. True story, I promise you. Hundreds more available on request.

Maybe these young film makers should do a hard core junky music cross over and show Trainspotting how it should have been done.

Just to set the atmosphere I have the complete LP of FLESH D-VICE Some BloodStained Morning playing.

18 days clean, done and dusted.

I know, I know… Now to sort out my bloody ex and seeing my kid. And a whole heap of court stuff. Police. Fuck. The.

Cannot be bothered thinking about stress stuff yet. Just looking up on the internet how ants navigate from A to B is fine.



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