DAY 19 – Life, it is boring

Life, it is boring isn’t it? What do you do with yourself? Boredom leads to becoming a philosopher I’d say.

I’ve got stuff to do. Court and Lawyery paperwork. Make a few industrial type things to keep creative. Tidy flat would be a great move. But hey, after breakfast I will just go for another aimless walk, end up drinking coffee at coffee shop and doing nothing worthwhile at all.

Wish I could see this as me taking it easy as I’ve been running the candle from both ends no matter what. Can’t sit still really, always got to be too damn busy achieving nothing. A lot of my old mates who run businesses and stuff are the same now. They have their business to run and work it themselves. There’s really no half decent partnerships out of any of my peers. We are all complete individual operators who stay at home looking after kids programming computers between diaper changes, or sitting in an industrial warehouse trying to make money out of running CNC machines held together by love, selotape and some absurd belief system.

Or sitting in our little boxes watching time fade away. Nothing romantic like sitting on the dock of the bay for us lot. We couldn’t be wasting the bus money. We’re shivering away sitting on old Salvation Army couches in draughty concrete earthquake prone boxes hoping that the big one will hit and pankcake the building painlessly…… One or two of us may even have a nice polished hand gun or two that is polished daily but never has had the last piece put in that will make it go bang.

That’s kind of me right there. Always doing something well, right up until I can see what it will be. And then go do something else. There will by a real psychiatric term for this.

” Stupid waste” will do me.


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