Any bets…?

Any bets on how long these withdrawal symptoms are going to last?

Am on day 19……

May just be a gradual thing from now on. Loperamide not taken today and food seems okay, although not having eaten much is hard to gauge.

Had a big storm in Wellington last night. Went for a walk, found a lot of tree’s down, some missing houses by inches, but one went straight through a living room. Shame I have no license, I could be out making money left right and centre with a chainsaw….

Fixed my Dads garage door, got ripped off its support. INsurance is going to be large… There is a ferry stuck out in the harbour, keeps tooting its horn. Has been in the harbour for hours without seeming to move even though tugs keep coming and going. Must watch the news. But then I should be leaving to go to N.A. meeting before tonights NZ “music” films………

ohiro_road3 owhirobay_honda_3d


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