You’re in and out of vicious circles running around and around

Went to N.A meeting at lunchtime in the local secure psych unit. Was good. Fucken awesome to be at least trying something positive in one way or another. A little too much of the word “GOD”, I think scared off the patient involved. Could have been my unshaven face, could have been the colour of the table cloth, could have been any number of voices that were real or imagined. Who knows? Was good anyway. Something I could get my teeth into.

Subject was “honesty”. I had a bit of a speal, since so few people there. All good.

Had usual hard core silly chat with John at coffee shop. Laughed our heads off at all the yuppy wankers purchasing beach front properties and now complaining that their living room furniture has become tidal. Hahahahaha.

Life is so boring, what do I do now? Another N.A meeting at 6.30, it is now 1.30….

Went up to good friends house, got typical level of abuse, borrowed a dozen LP’s… Came home and had to break in as left keys sitting on laptop this morning. Luckily I just put hand on the bottom of window and pulled hard to open it. Put palms on window sill, jumped and wiggled and was inside in ten or fifteen seconds. Lucky my house is so easy to break into. I have never had to do it that way before. Usually the back window is left open.

Texted my ex and said “Lucky my house is so easy to break into”. It is about zero outside and windy and cold after all.

She replied “lucky you have such a good neighbourhood watch scheme”

Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten about my Ford mates – the meth dealing patched gang members who live opposite and the other gang who keep care of my car in the other carpark for me.  Nomads and Black Power. Between them I could leave my door unlocked.

Come to think of it, often I do.


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