Day 22, why I am I writing this?

Day twenty two today.

The worst is well and truly over. Still probably should be taking the anti diarrhea drug, Loperamide, but (in tune with my mindset of short sharp shocks rather than prolonged withdrawal) I have put them away. Had none for a while. Intestine has well and truly purged. You get my meaning. Stomach feels okay. Recommend 40mg Omeprazole rather than doctors 20mg daily limit. Ulcers and acids… Not good. An  unpredicted side effect of withdrawal this time. Maybe it was started during sisters cancer end game last month.

Also took off the clonidine patch. Love to know what glue they use. FFS! Look like I’ve been cupped!

Was a bit sleepy last night (see previous post, eight hours ago) but had a good session working through some stuff and went to bed with no sleepers, no anything. Just me, bed and a book.

Had some superb dreams straight away.. Had to get up, shuffle around, go back to sleep. Thankfully I am one of those dumb arses who can continue a dream exactly where they left off. Well, sometimes a new character appears, or the scene changes somewhat, but the plot line is continuous. Like an advert break in a tv show. Roll over, get up, go to toilet, go back to bed just in time for the program to start again. I have to have a word to a couple of people sometime.They need a gentle kick in the bum. Dreams are very clever things. 

Even found some free scientology texts online and read through the first steps. Kind of think it is very odd how all these “enlightenment” style programmes came out of 1930’s thinking.

  • N.A, via A.A is 1935. Bill Wilson (known as Bill W.) and Dr. Robert Smith (known as Dr. Bob). You have to remember America had gone the prohibition (thanks to church going Mums who pushed the legislation through government) and that alchoholism was a moral failing. At least they didn’t whip it out of you. But they did give you belladona and perform what is now referred to as “purge and puke” therapies. Yay. Sounds like every second punk gig in Wellington ever attended.
  • 1938 saw the synthesis of LSD (although the first real trip wasn’t for a few years later when the synthesiser took a massive dose of 0.25mg. 0.025 would be more than enough. He rode his bike home. It was wartime and Zandos labs obviously weren’t paying him enough for petrol.
  • Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz published 2 books dealing with “Scientology” as the “Science of Knowledge” in Germany…

    • 1934 – “Scientology: Science of the constitution and usefulness of knowledge”.
    • 1937 – “Scientology: System of Knowledge and Science”.

    Interestingly, the founder of the modern day Scientology “Church” as we know it wrote almost the same texts in twenty, thirty years later. The only reason I found this information was an obscure little referance somewhere in a list of lawsuits Scientology had taken out. One of them was to try and get a domain name struck – explains it better than I can be bothered.

Hey, I guess central Europe at this time was under a lot of stress after depressions and upheavals left right and middle. There are probably a whole heap more “new age” fandangled ideals and scriptures to come out of this time. Surprisingly the idea we came from a boeing 737 and blew ourselves up with atom bombs is the fastest growing Church of our time today.

John Trivolta cannot be wrong. Kirsty Alley can (and is…)

You see, I am still – just making sure – that god is still around somewhere and I have not smoked, injected or otherwise ingested him by accident over the course of my drug taking career.

Having problems finding him. Green blob of global consciousness. More like a consciousness of people on the same wavelength. POSA (People On Same Aallonpituus). I used Finnish for the word for “wavelength” as POSW would be a silly acronym and simply sounds shit.

This is my higher power. This explains my dreams. This explains more than one ESP event. This explains co-incidence.

That is a higher power.

Life after death, souls and other contraptions can wait for another day. Day of the Lords video from Joy Division. I think the lyrics are there somewhere. Have this hammering off the original vinyl on record player right now thanks to someone whom cares. Where will it end Ian? Just where?


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