23 Dayz, Lived a life so sorded

Sun rising before we got to sleep. Usually followed by bashes on the door at 8.30am from the junky f cks wanting to score…. “Fuck off until nine you useless pricks…” By which time the oven would be going and the first morphine to heroin conversion of the day was well under way.

Interesting thing – MORPHINE is a class B controlled medical drug. Diacytel Morphine, Heroin is A class. So, at all effort we never got caught with anything made up. It was close sometimes, both male and female cavities rammed with gear in a split second as doors came flying off hinges… But never did I get caught with heroin. Not once. Bloody should have. Can only blame the police for not doing their job properly. Take it up with them.

So, it is now 8.41 a.m and I am living about 500m from one of my main old dealing houses. I go down to the main street from the block, turn right, down a little hill, first street on right and up a little hill. There is the house. Still with a crack running through the door from the time the Police used spear on a bulldozer to gain access. The should have just knocked. We were expecting them. Hahahahha.

So, between my house and that house are four houses I can go and score from right now.

Yeahp. Yeahp yeahp.

Hopeless case…. Why don’t you move, why wont you move? 

Answer number one. No matter where you go, you can find drugs. This has been proven many times. Even in Aussie, where I knew NO ONE. I found myself with half a gram of crystal meth and a nice dose of smack from less the $10 AU in coins that were in my pocket for train fare. Spent two hours in Kings Cross, got indecently assaulted by older girl, invited to seedy as parties and just got my ass out of their and onto first train back to the job site. 

Going to Queenstown all those years ago worked a little. But I drank, and heavily. And then I found a field full of old Chinese opium poppies near the dump one day about five hundred metres up the side of a hill… Those flowers look familiar…… . And then I found this guy G.B. also looking at these plants. Then it was all over. What can I say?


TODAY is another day. It is drudgery really, no money (but that is good in some ways), little food, nothing for diner for the next few nights… Don’t know. Sounds bad, but really, too bad. It is even good I don’t have a license in some absurd way. I would be out making some money and contributing to society, for sure. But then, would I be sitting at home learning to deal with my own boredom and depression? I think not!

And, so saying, NZFiend slashes his wrists and falls over on the spot

Sorry, that’s not funny. I am going to walk and take the FANDANGO by PHOENIX FOUNDATION four sided LP to ex’s house. It’s good. She saw them live and says it is good. But it’s not good if it’s only some confused memory. Brighten up that memory. Borrow a hard copy.


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