DAY 22, nun nighs time

N.A.ZI meeting tonight went good. Was amazing. Everyone there who shared talked about stuff that was relevant to almost everyone. I couldn’t help it, “Hi, NZFIEND, addict, thanks to everyone who shared – the legal dramas, the kid custody, the father with cancer, the flatmates, the having to find new friends, the guy with road rage, the guy who has his kids talking about how he was up and down with addiction, the old hard fella who reminded us we’re all losers, the guy who has to see his kid at supervised access……. Thanks for taking all my problems and sorting them out for me. Thanks again.”

Holy crap. I feel for some people. But then I turn around and look at myself. And I go “what the f ck….” I do actually have all those issues going on too. All at once. At least some of them aren’t dealing with dead relative, although I am okay with that now…. Some aren’t dealing with custody issues, although I am okay with that now too…. Etc etc etc.

I think I am going to be okay.

I am not even going to play loudish music. I am going to bed to read one of the dozen books I am getting through. Hopefully one or two will be finished before the library starts handing out fines. 

Fingers crossed.


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