Sat in sun, read book…

And no one, no body, no mind, nor soul should bother themselves reading this post. Ever.

Today went along the lines of walk, talk shit in Newtown. Realise I am useless. People walk by, I know them but cannot place them, and my train of thought has gone completely. The guys at the table have to remind me what I was saying. And then I cannot remember the point or the conversation we were having, so just ask them about something else. 

Fucked. Me. Tick.

Went up to ex’s house to throw a few L.P’s in the window. Turned around to walk off and realised that under this jacket, hoody, wool jersey, marino knit thermal and cotton t-shirt there is some warmth. 

IT IS SUNNY. Sheltered and quiet in the back yard.

Years ago we made a fish pond and did some concreting and built this lousy bench seat out of old timber from a wrecked house down the road. Fuckit, took off jacket, hoody, … Ended up sitting in sun, not too uncomfortably for four hours with no shirt on. Probably about ten degrees celsius but the sun was good. 

And what else do I have to do?


N.A. is about it. Met a cool guy tonight, bit of a different meeting, have not been to this one before. Some of the usual suspects there though… The same ones who I say “hello” to and they glance up and ignore me. Those are the ones that are going to get a punch in the face and fuck them. I will go to meetings and punch them as often as they are fucken rude.

If there was any other way of meeting clean addicts I would be doing it.

There isn’t. Not that I can see anyway.

So they are stuck with me. Better bloody well get used to it assholes.


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