There is a very interesting discussion coming up – book has been released detail INEQUALITY in New Zealand. These things lead on well into the mental health and addiction statistics I imagine… Inequality Discussion at Victoria Uni’

Unfortunately, due to the amount of attending ($90) the very people who should have a say, or hear and form opinions on, will not be able to afford to be there.

Brilliant thinking. Get all the rich people to sit around pretending to care about the underclass (again)….

Sounds like Sam McBride and psych people at Health Boards “caring” about addicts recovery and ongoing health concerns.

“Just give them a concrete box to live in, a methadone habit and a colour tv.”

Speaking of which – I am getting a free digital TV decoder worth $200+install as I am currently on an invalids benefit. Wellington is getting rid of analogue tv signals in a few months. Without having a friend who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone, I would have never found this out and would be down the local electronics shop doing hire purchase on a tv or a set top box.

I rang a free call number and had a promise that a technician would be around to set me up with free satellite digital reception within three weeks.

It is worth their while. They cannot afford to lose tv watchers (ratings for advert dollars) and would prefer not to have me bored and out on the streets, the costs of that would be even higher.

Make up your own mind.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the old capitalist ideal of giving the masses a colour tv and a smack habit as population control is still very much on the agenda.

What do I care? At least I get to watch TV after August. Free.

All you anarchists can sort yourselves out.


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