Actually one interesting thing from 27

Took kids for a walk along beach – South coast of Wellington got trashed by 15m (50ft) waves and 230km/h (150mph) winds… The rock pools had no life in them, usually crabs and see emenis (whatever) and little fish everywhere. Today, nothing. Not one living thing. Was a shame, but kids had fun climbing over everything.

The other kids Mum is a child psych by profession. Her kid said “I like lighting things on fire” so I questioned him on his empathy, glibe responses and other things and then asked his Mum for another Hare PCL-R test question. She spun around from her coffee so quick, looked dead in my eyes for a split second (she would have seen openness, honesty and laughter) and went back to her coffee. She didn’t say another thing to me the whole time. Didn’t even say goodbye after our hour or two on the beach. Think she might have been a little spooked.


Anyway, there I am in the middle of nowhere with my daughter and one of her kids and I see these two younger females coming in our direction. I ignore them and carry on. Then, about ten minutes later I am in a rock pool rolling over rocks to see if there is a crab and get a bit of a fright. The two twenty year old girls were there saying “what are you seeing?” 

I reply “nothing, but usually a lot…”

The girl looks up, she has recent pick marks from being up partying on P. Her mate, not so open and overly friendly, responds later with some real nice eye flutters and sideways looks.

Do they think I am drug dealer? Do they think my kid is cute and I could be a half decent dad? Do they know me? Can they recognise drug users the way I can? When I turned to take a photo of the South Island ten minutes later, they were just over a few rocks and turned away quickly, but the camera caught them there beauty. Interesting stuff. In a relevant yet boring way, of course.

No point moving away from a drug problem. It will find you easy enough. Lucky I am not trying to hump anything that moves any more.


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