30 day keyring please


Totally, like, please, like, to report that six hours sleep with no pills, potions, nor magic wands. Maybe even 7 hours… Nah, got to bed about midnight, was awake well and truly in time to see the dawn out the window….

Just went on Facebook and saw old mate with Red Bull sponsorship flying an octocopter. Yeah, well done old mate. Another old punkish friend in Wellington always had plans to build the same, from scratch. Never quite got there. Has alloy and carbon fibre and all sorts of crap all over the place. Think we may have missed the boat (again) …

So, a good morning already. Seeing what old mates are up to makes me feel like I have missed out. But then they have not done all the drugs I did, so they are the ones missing out really. Hahahaahhahaaha! Seriously though, seeing what these guys are achieving is good. Almost twenty years ago we talked about extreme sports videos and inventing wing suits and flying machines and all these impossible stunts on skis and the like… They have all happened. And some of these fella’s have stayed in the game and achieving new milestones.

A little jealous, yeah.

God help me.

I need coffee and porridge.

I purchased some brown sugar.



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