Day thirty, all is not what it seems Captain

Well well well (in my best Jeremy Kyle tones) I knew the world of health and politics was dysfunctional, but now N. bloody A. have proven to give new meaning to the term. The first psych ward meeting on a Tuesday is not tonight. It is August sometime. At a meeting attended by about ten N.A. victims we decided that people like me could go by invoking a clause “the most important member is the new member…” and a couple of others that work around the H+I clean time requirement for the greater good. This meeting seems to be completely screwed over. I took notes for minutes, but the guy “didn’t want me to take the paper” and then, three weeks later, the meeting and what was decided seems to have been thrown out with the old dish water.

It ruined my night. Well, more like it made me angry for a few minutes. Then went home and typed annoyedly into the computer for half an hour. Emails went flying, blog got swear words all over it and then I said to myself “f ck it” and put it all to one side, forgot about it and decided to concentrate on issues with custody of daughter. That lasted about two minutes and then I thought of nothing but Quantum Sensing, Optical Cones, Nerves and Neurotransmitting for the rest of the evening. Sweet, relaxation!

So, this morning I look at email and there are some new ones. Didn’t bother clicking on them, but see a few subject titles of “oops” and “mistake” from N.A people…. F ck n a.

Email lists and cellphone numbers. USE THEM before shooting mouth off about group decisions you are not qualified to comment on. Unreal. I must click on the emails and read them sometime. But turns out I have until August.

Gabor Maté MD,
return of the kaleidoscopic mind

Well, it is not quite a movie title. I tried, I failed. But old Gabor, old mate, is back in form in Vancouver presenting …

The good Doctor will, no doubt, be able to put research, clear thought and fact into comprehensible segments that make sense. Even to the most hardened right wing ass. I wish I was there.
Without coming up with some odd crazy way of making it into something worthy of crowd funding, I don’t think it will happen. would probably not be interested in funding a trip to B.C, Canada for a guy who just wanted to hang out, get some free pizza and draw a pretty picture once he got back. When he says “pretty picture” he really means a diagram of information and thought flow. Good luck with that.

And what else is news?

Well, not sure if it’s a good or bad thing I have not heard from Family Court yet. Rolls eyes.

Maybe I should spend some time doing all that court and police paperwork I’ve been harping on about.

I feel good right now. I feel like doing things a little, but not a lot. I feel crazily normal. 

Other than going to the loo all too regularly.

Benzo withdrawal? Nope, not listed as an effect.

How about this sentence….

Detox facilities may be inappropriate for those who have become tolerant while taking the drug as prescribed, as opposed to recreational use. Such inpatient referrals may be traumatic for non-abusers

OMG. That sentence really really pisses me off.

People who become addicted illegally (never mind the fact that a lot of them actually require these drugs, but have never been diagnosed as such) are a lower class of human. Those who become addicted from a doctors pad are okay and are likely to be traumatised by attending a detox clinic?

Beam me up Scotty. This planet has no worthy intelligent life form.


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