32 Days since jumping off >50mg methadone a day

And… Boy did I have the trots this morning.

NURSE – Emergency level dosage of loperamide, stat. 

Back to bed with hose down followed by sponge bath please nurse…..

[half an  hour passes, just long enough to show a few of the 3,000 adverts that we western types are subjected to each day]

Am now waiting for my Havana Coffee to percolate through the Bialetti Moka Express whilst mixing my Harraways NZ rolled oats with some Anchor Light Proof Milk

Some odd theory would suggest that you now have 3004 adverts a day. Some others would suggest you still have 3000 and I have used up four of them.

I wonder how this relates to me having to bugger off to the toilet within half an hour of consuming anything? ADhD much?

Before starting this withdrawal I was looking forward to no longer being constipated and cleaning everything out. By everything, I didn’t really mean to include lungs, heart and cerebral cortex to the list of worthwhile body parts disappearing down the toilet along with the hundred mile an hour morning rush…. 


Wow. That’s right. Before walking the 2km from N.A. meeting and only just making it (well, you have to mkae it – you cannot just decide not to make it) with a sore back…. Had a bath with some good old NZ music on (Skeptics – Even had the song Sheen Of Gold playing) I am going to carry around Gabor Maté M.D’s SCATTERED (minds) with me all day.

Bring back banner ads NZFiend, no one is going to click on any links.

Who the hell gives a flying f ck Jimmy? I am not being paid for any of that.

Why do it then you tosser?

You know what Jimmy, if your weren’t a figment of my imagination I’d really f ck you up, you know that Jimmy……

What was I saying? Oh crap. I think ADhD is an issue. 

Whose dumb idea was it to stop taking drugs anyway? 

I suppose it’s a good thing. Talked with daughter last night on phone for 4m:35s and found out her school production (performance) is on next week. Will be good to be able to look all the other mum and dads in the eye and see what they’re on for a change.




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