Re-inventing the wheel

I am good at it. The best.

I invented the oval piston to increase the volume to friction ratio (Honda did it 20 years earlier)… I invented all sorts of things. I am constantly out doing myself here.

Did I mention I was an adrenaline junky? Adopted?  Fairly sure I did mention it. Seriously, you have not been reading closely enough. Why do I bother? Have I mentioned how the Maori people used to have their children and raise them as a society group? It is only under the white man rule that individual houses have been the norm, and the poor Maori have been shafted. This is the whole premise behind my living as a society ideas…. Anyhooo…….

Do you remember my kid is 9, not 6? I gave up methadone originally 20 years ago, not 10? You are already doing better than Wellingtons Addiction Disservice Psychiatrist. Here is a certificate of your achievement. You, dear reader, have the ability to prescribe methadone to everyone… Print it out in colour for added effect.

High risk activity. Endorphin release, along with too much natural Dopamine. A little bit of ADHD style. No impulse control. I was always in trouble. And N.A think drugs are the problem? The “ADDICTION SERVICE” think drugs are the problem? Nah… The drugs are not the problem. Everything else is. JUST SAY NO people.

Just say no. Just do it. Print out many “out of order” signs and stick them to all the money machines in your area. Do not show up to court for your court appearance. Get everyone else not to show up at the same time. Get everyone to book appointments with every professional you can think of all on the same day. And then not show up. 

I have worked out that mental health causes addiction. Therefore addiction is a symptom of mental health.

And then I find some bandwidth and finally get to see old mate Gabor Maté on video -=– Can I please volunteer for a brain scan?!

Bugger me.

Wheel. Has. Been. Invented. Move on already.

Gabor, you are some sort of genius.

Addiction is pretty simple…

It’s what happens to people when they don’t get what they need…

And end up soothing themselves…

NZFiend looks at this and says…

Addiction is pretty simple…

It’s what happens to people when they don’t get what they need…

And end up shooting themselves…

This video is from TED conference. Basically says the same thing, even uses some of the same lines and analogies, but is twenty minutes, not over an hour. If you don’t believe this short one, try the longer. Wake up.

Why the addiction? No, WHY THE PAIN? 


This quote made my day…

“I will be looking forward to finding out what it is the Correctional Services actually corrects.” In New Zealand it is called The Department of Corrections…  “The Department of Corruptions” by most inmates…... “And also we have a professor who studies the criminal justice system… And I completely agree. The justice system is criminal and needs studying.”

Cheers Gabor, you silly old bugger… Bloody good value, hope it is original. Putting the cat in with the pigeons stuff. Right up my alley.

Once again, I’ve been saying this for years. No one listens. Maybe they will one day. Come to NZ, you’d have to fund yourself though mate…. Bring a big gun or some really good wine to make sure the politicians come along to hear you speak. |

 (starts at 7.45 – very good place to start if you have been following… And I know you have. You have a certificate to prove it.)

People self medicate….  (11:50seconds) ……..

ACESTUDY comments at 29.30

You don’t need to hit rock bottom, you need the opposite… Around 35m 20seconds….

There is no money for child abuse, addiction therapy… Because we are too busy building jails….

Did I mention I have been re-inventing the wheel for the last month?
Fuck it. At least I now know for a fact I am on the right track and the CCDHB “Addiction Disservices” aren’t.


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