Honesty, honestly it gets you further

I love this. Last week there was complaints from city Councillors (right wing lunatics) about beggars in Wellington, NZ streets “threatening” people. They are not in the least threatening (unless you lean in and smell hard)… They sit there with signs saying crap like…

Homeless, no job, coins accepted…

Great. How about some honesty?..

Live in shit hole flat, no job, mentally unstable, need drugs as I self medicate as the health department is useless. I spend a bit of time in jail for drug and alcohol related crimes as no one has diagnosed my PTSD / ADhD /  OCD / COD’s yet as they just write me off as an “addict” and a “bum”. I would like your money to buy drugs, and alcohol, but would be grateful if you’d just throw in your used bags of cocaine, smack, meth… Whatever you have. Even the old joint butt. Thanks heaps.

Okay, a little long for the casual passer by.

Self medicating bum. Any Drug leftovers required.

All the office workers returning to their jobs after lunch could throw all their old drug paraphernalia into the box so they wouldn’t have to worry about the boss finding a left over bag on the floor near the coffee machine. Thus lowering their own anxiety levels and increasing the bosses production figures for the afternoon.

Win win.

You heard it here first. God help us.


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