I have been averaging three posts a day. This is probably not an indication of my brilliant writing, brain or ideas. 

This is more an indication of boredom.

I told someone today that I have lived in this flat (concrete box) two and a half years and have only spent a whole day in the house willingly once during that time… And that was during the last month. They were gobsmacked. What the hell, isn’t that normal? Guess it isn’t.

Did I mention I think I might have ADhD?

I would suggest that always being on the go and wanting to bugger off and do things constantly is a side effect of that. Either that or some other mental condition.

Now, can someone give me a label for not opening my mailbox in five or six weeks. Sometimes I don’t look in it for six months. Sometimes I owe power companies thousands. Sometimes I have tickets. Sometimes I have notes from really hot chicks, whom have evidently moved on…..


Till death do us part…

Suicide has been in the back of my brain over the years. I am human. Wouldn’t you be lying if you said you had never thought of going for the ultimate end game. The biggest expansion (compression)? The fear of death is larger than the fear of life for me.

But when I saw young people at university trying to design posters and the like for suicide and depression awareness it made me realise that the subject is more open now. Thankfully, it still has a little stigma. Owning up to being a suicide fail (ie, I am still here) is not cool. Unlike being a junky in recovery, which is very cool. Just look at all the “women are from mars and guys f cken aren’t” book publishers whom are now publishing “I used three valium and gave up. You can too” books….

From one of my psych’ friends blogs



Now, this is brilliant. Samaritans Of Singapore (SOS)  . 

Someone should license these images and use them in New Zealand. They should be cheap. They have been designed already. No need to bring in Saatchi and wank face….

But there is no depression in New Zealand,
We have no dole queues,
we have no drug addicts,
we have no valium…. 

Our esteemed Jedi Master Prime Minister, John Key, says so. Therefore we believe him. Vote for right wing National.

And everyone goes on committing suicide quietly. Never mind the masses. Colour tv and drug addictions.


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