36 Days. There’s only so much Enigma you can take.

Under every colour there’s a light. Under every stone lives a crystal. Remember the shame of the man who would say we “man is the tree of the dolphin.

Fuck off Enigma you silly retarded electronic wannabe yogi wankers.

Bloody hah-lear-e-us.

My god, I have to turn this off and put on some “Bullet (with my name)” from Flesh-D-Vice. Just to lighten the mood. Enigma has brought me down. “Bottle of bourbon by my side, bottle of bourbon saturday night, your fish net stockings your shiny hands, your short skirt, your wristbands…. Down the city its fast tonight, let’s go back home before your done, steal a car and have some fun….. Stole a car didn’t get far, now the law is chasing me…… You want stop me, they want stop me, police wont stop me. They wont stop me….. Doing things my way… Getting away from the laws my fun….. Red lights…..”

This is f cken funny really. Brings back memories…. A lot better than bloody Enigma anyway. Thank Christ a can put Enigma away for quite sometime now. Will have to listen to MOBY > PLAY now and get that out my system for another five years too.

My and my mate (S) used to go into town after drinking Southern Comfort (we used to do a 40oz bottle in under a minute) and ride around pulling wheelies and shit until we got chased by the police. One time they almost caught us. They caught him (we got cornered and ditched the bike in an alley….) I was hiding in a rubbish skip. The police dogs knew where I was, but the police idiots kept pulling the dog out the rubbish pile! Hahahah.

 POLICE – Look Mr S.A. We are going to charge you with stealing this motorbike

SA – “No ya not wanker, the key is in it. And you saw two of us on it. The other guy had a leather and no helment. I have a helmet and a bush shurt on” (SA was quite clever, even when pissed and swaying)

Look boss, he’s right. There’s a key in the bike. [long pause whilst a fight almost breaks out] 

I have to open my knees as a cop sits on the rubbish bin. He would have sat on my knees otherwise.

POLICE – Right, Mr SA. Where is Mr Fiend?

SA – I don’t know NZ.

(me doing mental headslaps in rubbish bin…  Maybe SA ain’t all that clever when pished after all)

Uhm. Got away with that one. Once cops fucked off (a long while… Hiding in rubbish bin isn’t exactly first class or even BMW 7 series….) we got back on and, relatively soberly, made our way home…. Had a good story at school the next monday as the alley was below I.G. and G.G’s house. And they were both … uhm … witnesses….

Fifteen year olds with tattoo’s never got asked for I.D. You were meant to be twenty to drink. I didn’t get asked for I.D from age 13. One time I went to bar at lunch time and saw two teachers. Hard asses. Tattoo’s, prone to defending students under attack from gangs with hunks of wood and bats. Good guy. They looked up, clocked me. I am like “oh shit, I am for it now” and turned quick smart to scarper.

Mr M says “Oi, NZ, whot dae fark are ye doin ien ere lad?”

“Uhm… Fuckall. What the fuck are you doing in here?”

Good point. Cum and seit douwn laddie… Ere, barman. Another jug…..”

I think I was fourteen. It was school lunch time. Guess they didn’t want their lunch time secret getting out either…

It was a good education. Years later the principal tried to kick me out for dealing drugs or some shit. I happened to be writing for the local rag at the time (The Dominion Post) and told her the newspapers would like the story of the drugs and dealing at her school. I was allowed to stay.

Cheers Mr M. Good guy.

Shortly later we saw the Head Mistress walking her dogs. She just happened to be crossing the road as we flew around a corner. Managed to ride over the dog lead between her and her dogs. Yeeeeeaaaaaaaa, Hahahahah.

Impulse control. None.

What is TOdAy Like NZFiend?

Well, today is nice outside Jimmy. I have taken the ulcer pills (omeprazole 20mgs.. almost have run out.. was meant to last a month, but have been taking extra, as you do Jimmy)… Waiting for a little while to have breakfast Jimmy. I buy and sell a few carparts and just purchased some but have no money to pay for them yet. But have a buyer. So will juggle that later this week. Also have a bit of a problem Jimmy. I have a few grand hidden away and don’t want to squander it Jimmy.

Doesn’t sound like you mate.

Oh fuck off. You know it. I got back from Aussie with four grand. It was gone in under a month. My car needs work, but without I license I don’t think there’s ways and means to get that project under way again.

Almost just spent $2000 on wheels.

Offered the guy $3000 for the wheels and the supercharger from his Mustang. He turned me down. I suppose I should be thankful.

Lucky, me.

And now, Jimmy, sorry mate. I have to dive back to the toilet. At least it is not pumpkin soup consistency any more. Happily. Just how long does this go on for Jimmy?

I would ask the people at Addict DisServices, but they have proven to be complete inept in every dealing.

I will search WIKI.


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