New Ethicals, Pharmacopoeias and WIKI

Oh for godsake….

This is why you should never listen to doctors. I have necrosis in the liver. I have had HEP C for twenty years (before I get sidetracked telling you about assholes and pamphlets that said “just boil your syringes with bleach” released by the HEALTH BOARD – I should sue them….Honestly, we did everything according to their guidelines and we all ended with HEP fucken C somehow.!)  Assholes. The lot of them.

BP2013_homepageIf you are a doctor, click on this. And buy it.

So, here is a side effect of the stomach ulcer drug, Omeprazole….

Hepatic: Liver disease including hepatic failure (some fatal), liver necrosis (some fatal), hepatic encephalopathy hepatocellular disease, cholestatic disease, mixed hepatitis, jaundice, and elevations of liver function tests [ALT, AST, GGT, alkaline phosphatase, and bilirubin]

Huh, Doc… Christ…  You sent me for a heap of blood tests whilst I am on this to check my liver functions. No wonder the gastro people think I should be dead. I get tested on these drugs that up the scores on the liver function tests. They probably think my liver is visiting Mars without me.

But that is still no excuse for not having had an appointment with the gastro people for well over a year. Especially since, according to them, I should have died during that period. Assholes. The lot of them.

Maybe if they looked at my ADhD a little bit I wouldn’t fly off on tangents and get annoyed with them for not listening. Maybe then they would see a calm and reasonable character in front of them (as Psych SAM McBRIDE did when I was wasted on opiates… Seems like the only way to appear normal to these assholes is be completely off your chops so you show no signs of agitation or annoyance when they say you should be dead and send you home without a follow up appointment….)… Maybe, by looking into a few things properly and helping me to help myself I wouldn’t be costing the tax payer millions in my life for things like jail, insurance bills, damage and general mayhem.

The bills add up.

English: Liver veins (hepatic veins, portal vein)

Liver veins (hepatic veins, portal vein) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask anyone with a working brain. Don’t worry if they have a working liver or not. That is immaterial.

Especially ask someone with access to WIKIPEDIA. New Ethicals and Pharmacopoeias are just not used anymore. Doctors think they know it all. They should not be afraid to pull out a large text book and consult it in front of patients.

Hell, it would make me feel better if they did.

Doctor pulls out 2013 pharmacopoeia. It is three thousand pages, printed on thin rice paper in 8 and 6pt fonts. Now that is a real man. With a real book. Fuck yeah.

Instead I have a tummy ache, constant poo’s and liver results from another planet.

At least the ulcer side of things should be dealt a blow. I am stopping the Omeprazole as of now. That, Jimmy, leaves absolutely NO PILL, NO POTION, NO I.V LINE of anything.

I’d better go visit a health food shop and buy some magnesium, fish oil and multi vitamins. Don’t think I would recognise myself without having to swallow, snort or shoot something each morning.


Better than being a no hit wonder. 


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