Primum non Nocere

First, do no harm.

Secondly, make appointments for people you have told would be dead already.

Wow. After emailing various old family friends who still work in NZ Health (Misters and Prof’s and the like) I got an unexpected phone call just now. Someone from gastro.

“hi, is this NZFIEND?”

“Yes, it is, who is this?”

“Ah, please, what would you say if I said this is Raj (or some shit) from Gastro in Wellington, please.”

“Yeah right. I don’t believe you. Who is it really?”

“No, sir, please this is Raj (or some shit) from Gastro in Wellington, please sir”

“Oh right. You’re really from gastro in Wellington?”

“Yes, sir, please. And would you be expecting this call sir?”

“No. You’ve not rung me in a year and a half. You are talking to a dead man.”

“Excuse me please sir. What?”

“Oh, doesn’t matter, you’re just lucky my voice box isn’t connected to my liver…”

“Sorry sir, pardon me?”

“Oh forget it Raj (or whatever)… Why are you ringing?”

“Would you be surprised if we had an appointment for you sir?”

“Yes I bloody well would be surprised Raj. I don’t think I believe you..”

“Oh no sir. No joke. And would you be surprised if it was tomorrow, sir?”

“Tomorrow? What? You’re serious? Huh?”

“Yes sir. Deadly. Tomorrow afternoon. See you then Sir.”

“Wow. Awesome. Unreal. About time, but awesome thanks.”

“You had better write it down sir.”

“No fucken way do I have to write that down Raj… See you tomorrow”

Are you bloody serious? CCDHB gastroenterology department gets back to me within 48 hours of me emailing these old family friends. My GP has contacted them five or six times (with no response) and I have emailed and phoned directly (with no response).

I talked with the doctor last night at N.A and all he had to say was “have you contacted the right people Tony?” I would have thought the person doing the bookings and arranging the prof’s days for him was the right people.

Rolls eyes, mental head slaps and seriously contemplates what the CCDHB GASTROENTEROLOGY sign can be changed into. I think someone clever could make CCDHB GAS NUMEROLOGY or SCIENTOLOGY…..



And now I am left wondering what they are going to talk to me about tomorrow. There is a drug trial in New Zealand that has none of the side effects of interferon, but works 95 out of a hundred (interferon success is only two thirds, at best, and you spend six months really sick if you’re unlucky….) I would have loved to have been on that. Long story, but the guy in charge wanted me on it, but then I didn’t get an appointment. And then I got an appointment where he told me off for not coming in sooner. But I was given this appointment for February 2012 I protested. “Well, you missed it.” was all he said. But I was told to come in, and did. Not my fault. And that was the last I heard from them.

Hope like hell they can try this new drug on me. Not the interferon. Yukky….

Being ill for six months is just what I don’t need.


And the internet is about to run out of data. So, may just have to buy a new computer, capable of doing some proper design work, along with a better wacom tablet and maybe even a black and white lazer printer that works. And get the internet connected. Maybe I can find a way to limit other peoples data use and sell some data to the neighbours…. Some how.


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