38 Days. Biting on the bum

I am completely out of internet data, money being what it is. The choice of paying rent or getting the internet data for a few weeks is coming to bite me on the bum.

Without the internet I would have had little to do and it is for the mental health reasons involved that I did not pay rent. They are now on the phone, even though I have signed all finances over to budget advisor and talked with the government department who rips off my rent on the phone three times in the last fortnight. They are now trying to evict me for non payment of rent, even though we have talked this through a number of time over the last fortnight. Their internal processes are worse than the Health Departments.

Seriously, saying the same thing to the third different person in the space of a fortnight. WTF. Just cannot be bothered. Go take a running jump. Yes, I hung up on them and their “mediation”. Now I suppose I have to go see the bloody budget advisor people and get them to ring them *AGAIN*. Whatever. Can’t be bothered. Stressing me out too much. I am in no position to deal with it. I have no income given to me. It is all given to budget advisor people. So why bother me about it? I have no income given to me. Piss off. Thank you.

I am dealing with my own shit. Well, trying to. Am in a bloody mood now.

Wanted to find a bunch of stuff online so am at ex’s, but really put off. Just want to go and kick things. I am not designed to deal with authority. Everything about me hates it.

Almost as much as everyone in authority hates me.


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