So, gastroentorology…

The Prof character was very oh so apologetic… But due to them not having a nurse there is no treatment plan in place for me. This rips my undies. He suggested I could move to Christchurch for a trial of new drugs, but they have to make sure my liver is sick enough for that first. He poked and proded and looked down his spectacals at me… Before ordering some sort of portable scan. Aparently a nurse will ring me. I am not holding my breath.

I should be dead already. Holding breath would only speed up the process.

Going to N.A.zi meeting instead. They make you inhale and exhale. Clever people.

Have I mentioned Gabor Maté is the man?

He seriously is the man. I have said a number of things in this blog that I am now reading in the later parts of his book on ADhD. Bloody brilliant, just wish I had found this book twenty years ago… Or ten even.

Love you long time Gabor.

<<More on book and everything later, I am going to attempt to take it seriously even>>


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