Money. It goes. Day 38?

Is it day 38? Hell, I don’t know. The N.A guys will be spewing. I had better add them up before going back to a N.A.zi meeting. Didn’t go last night. Had quite a fun evening instead. Ex’s friends kid was doing an “acoustic” performance at a local bar. Was quite neat getting out and about again. Bars are okay for this ADhD addled drug addict. Short attention spans… You know. Conversation ebs and flows. And not having to do any great insights (in fact, spending time refraining from saying too much on subjects currently dear to heart) was humour. Coming out with some child like abuse and heckling cheered me up. A good way to kill three hours and have a smile on me face.

Pity the money situation doesn’t allow for more little gig appearances and the like.

Although, it is allowing for a new clutch and gearbox for the car, getting the internet on at home and hopefully a flight somewhere with my daughter in the school holidays. The ex will go to court over that one. Let’s not share it with her… Thanks.

Got a brilliant nights sleep. Well, awake for an hour in the middle, but fell over dead about 11.30pm. Woke about 6.30. With an hour break in the middle. Just to make sure I appreciated the hours each side.

Fair enough. Wouldn’t want complacancy to seep in to procedings.


Hate the place. Will move there briefly if it is the only way to get on this new HEP C treatment programme test. Promise to absolutely hate every minute of it. And really did not intend to waste the very last of any money on staying in the bloody shaker wreck of a place. A few old builder mates are down their making millions building dodgy cheap developments, so guess I could take a hammer with me, sigh.

All that just to treat my Mars bound liver. Seems nuts. May as well cancel the internet and the car.


No thanks. I get bored too easily.


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