Drugs are good – When you do them people think you’re cool

Why don’t you fuck off, drop out,  never trust a f ck n hippy….
For that matter don’t trust anyone…
Quit school, don’t work, livin’ out the music of bums.
  We f ck n do … so could anyone.

Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not should.
And when you do ’em people think that you’re cool.
And when you do ’em people think that you’re cool.

1-2-join a punk band, shave your head and get a tattoo.
You don’t need talent just the attitude.
Self destruction, no moral to throw it on me.
For no particular reason beat up everyone.

Drugs are neat, and you can buy ’em they’re relatively cheap.
And when you do ’em people think that you’re cool.
And when you do ’em people think that you’re cool.


Got some internet buy going to an internet cafe in town and being ripped off. Apparently Telecum are cumming to put my internet and phone on Wednesday next week.

Got a brilliant sleep again. Woke up, had a semi solid poo. This is big news. Shout it from the roof tops. Seriously big news. And good. Good, serious, news. It is.


Was in court this morning. Still not have appeared before a judge. Still don’t know what my charges are as I refuse to look at the bits of paper. Good one NZFiend, superbly clever. Full stop.

ANyway, turns out my lawyer has pulled the pin without even consulting me first. Bugger, that’s the third lawyer to accept and then decline the job. Which is fair. Although I did offer to put a supercharger in his Jag for him. I know the legal aid people don’t pay these lawyers enough. It is complete garbage you cannot even chose a lawyer you semi respect in NZ any more. I will end up representing myself and pissing everyone off by appealing any decision based on having a lousy lawyer.

I still have not done any paper work. ADhD much?

Some things from SCATTERED [minds]

One of the best things out of the book is simple advice like turning things on its head. “I am useless, I cannot even tidy my living room up and keep it tidy” becomes something more like “I tidied a bit, it felt good, I will do more when I can. It is good to get some clutter out the way at least.”

I have set aside one hour every morning for tidying and cleaning. House, car, whatever. It is all a mess currently. This will, according to Gabor, cure everything that is wrong with my universe. (Sorry, slight exaggeration there for Jerry Sinfield effect – If Gabor ever read this I think I would be ducking as his exasperated breath blew my hat off all the way from Canada – across a third of the planets sea water and through the plate glass window of the internet cafe………) Anyway. uhm… Didn’t end up tidying this morning. Forgot I was meant to be in court.

Okay, okay. I have been calling the book SHATTERED on purpose. Sometimes.  I thought it was funny. It was originally a Freud like slip up – Like when I kept calling my sister, my “daughter”.

But anyway, some guy wrote to me saying The title is Scattered, not Shattered. It’s an interesting mistake many make, and i’s it’s projection of inner despair. What is scattered can be gathered, but what is shattered cannot be. So that’s a story you have about yourself, based on childhood. But is it true?”

Hey G, to some extent, I guess so. Will think hard about it rather than tidy my house. Sounds more fun. Damn… Now you’ve put me off. I am going to sit in this internet cafe, type some crap into a blog and then go look at touch screen computers and Wacom drawing tablets. This is good too. I think that by having a machine capable of drawing and internet-ting I will get some of my creativity back on track after two decades of dormancy.

Some other things….

Co-Occurring Disorders – OMG.
I have spent the last two hours jumping through hoops. The COD’s are too complicated for the Drugs addiction services to give me counseling or psychotherapy help, so after being referred through SEVEN different organisations in two hours, I am back to the District Health Board Addict Disservices. The head guy there has some experience with adult ADhD, but at the moment I am just a referral on a piece of A4 at the bottom of large stack.

And they still had me on the methadone waiting list. I don’t know how hard it is to get off that list, but telling them straight up to stick their methadone where the sun don’t shine on repeated occasions just seems to get you further up the list. The chick said “Hi NZFiend” (even though I only said my first name “NZ”, they had my file open and knew who I was. I must be making waves…. Rocking the boat…  Throwing the baby out with the bathwater….) you don’t have long to go now. We can actually start you on 60mg in a few months.


The best answer is to commit some crime and get back into the prison system!

And to get a lawyer of your choice you have to be appearing for crimes exceeding ten years jail time.

Instead of threatening to run over a policeman, I think I am actually going to have to simply harden up.

And run one over.

Good and proper.


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