DAY 43. I counted.

Hey, beat that. 43 Days. That is still not a record, but is good nonetheless. Happy with that. Things are okay. Ish. Very okay. Very ish.

Thanks to N.A. people really. The young fit guy texted and told me to stop doing family court stuff over and over in my head and meet him for a meeting. The old hard jail guy came picked me up and took me to meetings on Sunday. I would have gone quite mad over the weekend without a decent distraction. I may have done something incredibly bad and foolish. Well, foolish is relative. Some would consider blowing up a stupid red Holden V8 quite sane and worthwhile.

Custody issues suck ass big time. My ex “retard paranoid neurotic as fuck bitch” (RPNAFB) actually…. No. I am going to rename her. RPNAFB may be accurate, but is a bit of a mouthful (besides, I cannot remember acronyms that long accurately…)

RMG – Easy to remember as is her real initials. Clever old me. RETARDED MUTHERFUCKING GALIMATIAS. RMG. Excellent.

Anyway, saying stuff like “NZFiend said that his dog would rip our dog to shreds. This obviously left our daughter distraught…”

RMG. OMG. I don’t even own a dog!

This is the crap that the NZ Family Court system listens to and without notification for me to submit evidence terminates all access to my daughter.  I get this shit piled on me because I openly admitted to getting addicted to opiates again and giving up.

One could say I have been under a bit of stress recently.

  • Sister Died. Nah, no big deal, happens all the time. Get over it.
  • Jumped off over 50mg of methadone a day. Everyone does that. Easy.
  • No licence to drive, so no odd jobs means no income. No worries.
  • I try to be honest with everyone about everything and get put in the “too hard basket” by everyone from A&D counsellors to psych idiots (yes, you again Sam McBride). They just want to put me on large daily methadone doses and park me in front of a colour TV in a state sponsored concrete box.
  • And… Well… There is more…. Never you mind. It goes on and on….
  • Having access to my daughter removed without notification.
    Harden up for f cks ke NZFIEND you wimp.
    But hey, you then go to the Family Court in Wellington to find out why your ex partner (RMGilmour) is hiding your daughter and get treated like scum by the man hating system, presented in this instance by HAN KRISTONO who won’t even look at me in the eye and just runs off “to get me served with papers” without answering my questions and then rings security when I say “HEY, DUMB ASS, COME BACK AND ANSWER MY QUESTIONS”
    You call me ASS he says.
    “No, I said ‘come back dumb ass'” I says.
    No, you called me ASS. I listen your language. You call me ass.
    “No, I said ‘come back dumb ass’ because you left without answering me”
    No, you call me ASS. I ring security.
    “Mate, you are a fucken damn ass….”!!!!!

But then, on the positive side…

  • I know I am going through it.
  • I bought it on myself (some of it) and am dealing with it.
  • I am putting things in place for the future and for the first time in my life am doing nothing at all other thank take stock of myself.
  • I do not claim to be perfect.
  • The court process regarding the incident of retrieving my licence from the police dickhead and “chasing him up the road with my large Ford” is more funny than stressful.
    (That is until they work out I have been to jail for doing similar in the past and the judge may be having a bad hair day…)

    • So far I have got legal aid approved (meaning NZ will pay for my lawyer)
    • I had a lawyer approved (some kid on his way home from graduation with his graduation robes in his case)
    • Wrote a bit of a story about it online and sent a copy to SANDY BAIGENT (head of the Public Defendants office)
    • Got a letter in the mail saying “your request for a new lawyer has been approved” even though I didn’t actually request a new lawyer
    • Turned up to court after eight weeks and found the lawyer (Phil Mitchell, quite like him really, even though I did get two GUILTIES and spent six months on an ankle bracelet with curfew when I shouldn’t have last time he represented me… At least he was good humour about it) had more important cases / had put me in the “too hard basket”.

You know what really stretches my g-string across the room?

RMG (R.Marie.G) has been on methadone her whole adult life. And yet I admit to using some opiates and then methadone for a few months and going through withdrawal for a month. She uses that in court (once the withdrawal is over I might add) to get access removed.

That,  and owning a really violent, but invisible mute, American Pit Bull Terrier. Obviously.


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