Day number (insert huge amount here)

Amazingly I have this on the floor as I write. Co-incidence, I think not. Back of SOME BLOODSTAINED MORNING ALBUM 1984

Amazingly I have this on the floor as I write. Co-incidence, I think not.

Bloody record on the LP player (yes, that is a vinyl – A flat disk with noise waves pressed into it at about 200degrees celcius and 3000psi.)

Uhm. ADhD.  Sorry. Okay, the bloody SOME BLOOD STAINED MORNING LP is skipping on my (BULLET WITH MY NAME) track. Luckily I like the rest of the album. Am irritatingly playing it on very high rotation. At very high volume. Neighbour on one side already hates me, threatened me with a baseball bat once, so I take delight in smashing my bike into his door as I come past every night and singing loud obnoxious songs as I do the garden under his window. Stuff like “fuck religion” (from “Helle Does Debron” Propoghandi…. Song is from the album “How to Clean Everything, and is also called “Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass”) over and over right under his picture of jesus.

You speak of Rastafari, but how can you justify belief
In a god that’s left you behind?
You’ve simply filled the gap between the upper and lower class
And your faith merely keeps you in line.
An amalgamation of jewish scripture and christian thought.
What will that get you? Not a fuck of a lot.
Take a look at your promised land.
Your deed is that gun in your hand.
Mt. Zion’s a minefield. The West Bank. The Gaza Strip.
Soon to be parking lots for American tourists and fascist cops.
Fuck zionism. Fuck militarism. Fuck americanism.
Fuck nationalism. Fuck religion. Fuck Religion.Fuck Religion.Fuck Religion.Fuck Religion.Fuck Religion.Fuck Religion.Fuck Religion.

Hahahah. Fuck NZ cops, politicians and Sam McBride at the addict disservice too.

(different version.. Both these seem a bit slower than the version I have on MP3… First one is more like the newer release. Good luck, enjoy. Play loud and proud. I remember hammering this in Queenstown in the mid 90’s. Turns out there was a kids birthday party next door. OOOPS!!!!  Must add that to the list and make amends…. ^^^^^^^)

But seriously….. These guys….. Well…. What do you say…….. office_skull




I suppose it takes one to know one.


I don’t really do using dreams, unless I am wanting to use. I have got it down to a fine art. Like, I get to have my drugs and get wasted and everything. This is useful for times of no drugs, jail or long camping trips with your Christian friends.

What I do do is other dreams. Like really useful ones. Like crushing peoples heads under car wheels. Dropping people out windows of their offices (Sam McBride) and generally fucking people up who have fucked me up. It is good release. Highly recommend it. It takes a load of your shoulders (along with a load off the perpetrators shoulders – his head… Hahahahahah!)


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