N.A sharing, FUN. Stomach is killing me

Seriously, fun to be had at N.A. I got asked to share, it happened to be about the daily reading. I was quick, to the point and managed to slag off John Key, our right wing wanker prime minister. People even thanked me afterwards for the sharing. And, since I was one of the first, two or three others actually quoted me and ran with my theme throughout their talks too.

And then I butted in at the end and shared again. Hahahahahaha. Got told off later for that. Hahahahahahaha. Funny. They don’t have that rule printed anywhere. I guess they think it goes without saying. Hahahahahahahahaahah.


Is it my stomach or something else? I think it is my stomach. But even N.A people are noticing now. I burped and farted my way through the hour there. Am now at home and the mobile internet stick has clocked over to a new month. So, here’s a message to celebrate.

My stomach will kill me. I am sure of it now. Something is not right. It is crook. I can never get rid of the feeling of being hungry. But it feels like an odd twisted hunger. But I know it isn’t.

This is my body paying me back for going through a few months of only eating a small quiche every second or third day. Sometimes I would forget that even. It’s funny how you forget to eat when you don’t eat much. I was like “have I eaten today? Shit, don’t remember. I’m not that hungry, so I guess I might have… I will remember to have something tomorrow….” This was unhealthy. I am on record as weighing 66 KG before I lost some more. I was still exercising and going to the gym. Just not eating. So now my stomach is paying me back.

Or maybe it is telling me it has something really wrong? Maybe I should go see doctor again.

Not healthy anyway.


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