So, do I sound like an idiot?

Yes, you do sound like an idiot. A complete and utter fuck wit actually. Just brilliant – a train wreck waiting to happen….

I tell you what though, I think I have been conditioned to being shafted for too long. I stand up for myself in all the wrong ways, yeah sure. But that’s what it is. I am simply trying to put my foot down and stop being fucked over by everything and everyone at the present point in time.

Told the lawyer who is representing my child in court that if the access arrangements are not back in place by next weekend I will walk off and they can add me to the list of “dead beat Dads who run away from their responsibility”. I have been trying to get more responsibility for over a fucken decade. And now I have all this shit going on they take that away too. Maybe I should go overseas? 

Maybe Gabor needs some people to take psychedelics and report back on how it helps… I’ll be into that Gabor.

Why yes, I will try the LSD, Fly Agaric, Psilocybin cocktail thanks… And then I promise not to laugh when a bright yellow elephant appears, everyone starts going :OOOHMMMMM” and my psychopathic tendencies towards authority figures gets sucked out of me by a rather overly intelligent lemon.


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