Day 50, counting is as boring as this blog…

Boring, this? WHAT? Come on with you, you have not been reading properly.

Or maybe you have. Really.

N.A. movie last night

Went with a few other N.A.zi victims to see The End of the World. Whom do I sue to get three hours of my life back? They didn’t even play a Sisters of Mercy song loud during the whole thing. They used one in the credits at about one third volume. What a crap film. Absolutely 100% garbage. Apart from one or two of the insights into the human condition and the place in the universe of the world… But any year one philosophy student would do better. It certainly was no news to me. And my philosophy is severely retarded.

Was good to get out and about a bit. But seriously jealous of those who knew there was a ZOMBIE BURLESQUE event in town the other night (which I did not know anything about…) and a … Well … what the fuck. My whole life is just nothing. Other than trying to dump stress and go to N.A meetings to remind me what the fuck is wrong with the world every day.

Life. Once again, if this is it – Maybe everyone should be on smack.

I would like to see the statistics for people dying of stress related activity whilst happily on smack.


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