I just got my insurance scheme lowered…

earth_q_trainI went down a few notches on insurance cover from $50,000 to $12,000 and then the earth starts moving. Like, quite seriously moving. 6.5 earthquake or something. And I live in a concrete box.

I just hope for a quick death…

I surrender.


So, I was in Alicetown at a NA meeting when the house started moving a lot. Went to shop, found the place reeking of alcohol (the girl I was with is an alcoholic, so she was… Uhm, she had an interesting expression on her face….) as there were bottles knocked of shelves and smashed on floor.

Went to railway to catch train. Found no trains came. Walked to bus stop. Took thirty minutes. Bus came, even though I had a return train ticket, the guy would not let me on for free. So I offered him $7. He would only take $9. Which is fucken extortion. But a lady offered me the $2, which I offered the driver, but he would not accept it. So, rather than hit him, I apologised to everyone on the bus and the driver then took exception to me again and tried pushing me off the bus. I knocked his hat off, he claimed I hit him and called the police. I apologised to everyone on the bus again.


Said to the driver in my best JEDI style that all these people were very much in a hurry to get home, and if he let me off the bus he should drive them home. He refused and got off the bus and sat on the dog and bone trying to convince the police that someone had assaulted him over $2. I apologised to everyone again, gave the lady her $2 back, smiled and suggested that I should bugger off before the police got there. The lady with the $2 agreed and I walked off.

Tried hitch hiking, no one would stop. Even tried hitch hiking from a cop car. Guess they weren’t big on the man hunt after all! No luck. Ended up walking the whole way down the middle of the railtrack. Over took a train. Stopped to talk to driver. Seriously… Walked about 10km down rail track. Hard on feet all those sharp fist size rocks they use in NZ. You can see Alicetown at very top of map and Newtown at bottom. It’s a fair walk.

Night night. Sleep tight.


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