Dropped needle onto record, just to hear it go WHUMP

Wow. Tired. Walk last night after the 6.5 richter earthquake took it out of me. Didn’t even wake up for all the 4-5 after shocks throughout the night. Just slept. Really well.

And, best news of all… My first solid poo! Day fifty one, welcome. Welcome to the solid poo.



I’m not fooled so easily. Wellington seems to be having a few earthquakes all right. But, distort the news, feed us your views. I’m not believing all I see on TV…

My concrete box is still standing. The toothbrushes are all on the floor. Some of my university models and design studies are on the floor. One window is a bit hard to close. Can I blame the earthquakes for all the crap all over the place? 


I tried doing half an hour of cleaning and sorting each day. Gabor says this is good for the ADhD mind. I agree. 100%. But then I had family court issues, dramas left right and centre and seem to have very little enthusiasm for life, myself or others at present.

I mean, why bother? Nothing is going to change right now. I have time. So am taking it. 

Earthquake effects on humans…

Wow, the world is odd. Some people jump up and run. Some just sit, blankly. Surrender to the problem. I am one of the ones who has already looked around the building (I was a pretty good builder once upon a time) and worked out instantly where the structure could fail, and how fast it would fail when it did. I have managed the risk factors, weighed them and am betting on myself. I sit there as everyone dives and runs and try and convince everyone that they will be fine. To reinforce this, I then go outside with them and point to things like plaster, windows and delicate areas of the building that really should have fallen off given the amount of movement. I say things like “isn’t it amazing how much a wooden building can tolerate without anything falling off?” People seem to relax.

Unlike the idiot bus driver and a few people on the bus last night (the one who would not let me on as I only had $7, not $9, even though I had a return train ticket ($11) and the trains had stopped as there was a fucken big earthquake if you hadn’t noticed!!!!!!!

The driver was probably under some sort of weird pre-programmed stress. His job is to drive and take peoples money. I had the wrong money, therefore he couldn’t drive. Nothing would persuade him to drop this rule. Not even for a split second. He could have just put the $7 in his pocket and not put me through the ticket machine. The people on the bus were on a mission to get home. None of them was concerned for me getting home, but they offered the $2 extra just to get the bus moving in the right direction. A third of them got on their phones and text devices and started telling people they would be an extra minute late, such was their stress.

One woman starting crying “I just wanna go home” she sobbed… She was mid twenties FFS!

I apologised to everyone on the bus repeatedly and asked the driver if I got off, would he drive these people home. He refused saying he had to wait there for the police. Everyone on the bus tried telling him to carry on driving. He would not drive anywhere. Another bus eventually came and everyone got on that. I hope the driver made everyone pay another $9.


This is similar to the effect I witness all the time… Disaster, accident or emergency situations. I am always the one to dive in, make decisions and help instantly. Others, even Police, will stand, debate and then do odd things like STOP YOU FROM HELPING as they perceive a risk. Yes, there is a risk the building will fall in, but I am going to try getting those people out first… Fuck off. The police then arrest you, beat you up a little. And to prove them right (and you wrong) the building then collapses two days later and they still have not got the people out that you were talking to through a hole in the wall as the policeman came and dragged you away to a cell for refusing his orders to move away from the dangerous building.

This has happened before. Shipwrecks. People are dying on the beach from hypothermia and inhaling sea water by the bucket load, yet they will not let you onto the beach to help as there is danger that the big surf waves will smash you on the rocks and hurt you.

Seriously? You what? Assholes, the lot of you.

People with a little power (bus drivers, police and anyone with a bright orange bib on) should be held accountable for their BAD, HORRID, AWFUL decisions as much as they advertise the good ones.

The hero policeman who saved a dog from drowning was the same one who killed tens of people by preventing vehicle access to a beach to save drowning people as it was private land and the sign absolutely forbade vehicle access!

Shoot everyone. Let cockroaches run the planet. They would be more logical.


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