Day Fifty Four or something. APA style.

American Psychological Association (APA) style referencing is about the only semi useful thing the APA has ever done. Other than allow Mirrorgirl to follow this blog, of course. I hate the APA. Why has all of New Zealand’s univershitties gone and made APA as the default referencing standard?

Never mind. Is the APA sponsored by any keyboard manufacturers (who will sell more keyboards as the keys break under all the extra typing) or maybe their is a drug company with a big part in RSI / occupational overuse issues…?

That’s very astute of me.

It is a good referencing system, sure. But holy crap, unless you have a plug in for your reader to automatically turn the things into links they are overly complex to read. Especially in 5pt avalon as suggested by one lecturer. “As long as they are there”. I know people who just put in crap APA references copied from an example page on the net. They passed their papers. Lucky they are arts degree’s…!

So, the APA release a book on how to write for medical purposes. The 1973 version was brilliant – It had a big chapter on how to write without being overly sexist. APA. Polictically correct. Good on you. Girls.

They are up to version ten or some crap. They were forced to do a return / refund policy after their 2009 edition was shown to have thousands of errors. Most of which were in the examples of how to apply their own referencing system.

If the people making the system cannot even be bothered using it correctly, why should we??

If I say “so and so said that someone shot someone else” you just believe me, generally speaking. In the course of a court room debate I may have to say “so and so saud that someone shot someone else on the 10th of August 2012. It was sunny. There were two cars in the drive…” A whole heap of additional fact that can be checked by other parties. The more fact that sits true, the more likely my statement to be true. Like, if I said this guy shot a black guy, but the guy was white, my story would obviously be wrong.

When writing a crappy blog I am not going to do that. I am going to say “so and so said that this other wanker shot a guy” and that is that.

When writing a book I may be convinced to try it…

If only to stop a bunch of idiot internet (ab)users leaving comments like “this guy blames his upbringing for everything, he needs to harden up and look at genetics and his own behaviour. He doesn’t even quote where the information comes from“…

But then again, I am reading some of the reviews on Gabors excellently researched and eye opening books. He has a twenty seven page list of references in the back. But, I can only presume because it isn’t APA style, more than one “reviewer” claims he provides no referencing for his data or research. In the front of the books he says “in order to make this less of a medical text and more of a open book, all referencing is kept to a minimum and is published at the end of the book”.

So, you see, it actually pays to READ A BOOK if you are WRITING A REVIEW. 

Unfortunately everyone has a barrow to push, an idea to flog or a reference to complain about. So it doesn’t matter that you have spent weeks interupting your thought processes to reference every single bit of information in your book. The bitch who has decided that ADhD is genetic is not going to read your introduction, your references or most of your book. She will simply have a bitch about ADhD being caused by genetics and claim you didn’t reference anything (as her medical texts all have references splattered across the pages like a gunshot through a bible…Your book is readable, and therefore has small little numbers next to each source and a list in the back) Bitches. Stupid crack ho’s. Man hating genetic research leso’s.

Having to use this long winded referencing has lead to a tenfold increase in the amount of stress related student, medical and technical writer referrals to practising members of the APA. The APA member then gets a shit load of money to talk about their stress and divert it from the APA reference stress and blame it all on repressed anger.

Which, in turn, gives the person early onset melanoma.

( Mate, G (2003) Is There A “Cancer Personality”, Sullivan, C.O-M (editor), When the Body Says No – Understanding the Stress Disease Relationship, p119, Van, Canada, Alfred A. Knopf (pub))

 And thus, after spending five minutes working out the correct reference, I need a poo and a lie down.


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