The good news or the bad news?

Well, I spent the morning tidying the house. Did not intend to. I intended to tidy enough to vacuum the floor and then sort out other stuff later. I had important mail about family court to pick up from Mum and Dads. So should have caught the bus earlier.

Typically, within five minutes of clearing the floor I had got sidetracked. I had pulled all the books out the bookshelf and was arranging them in order of category. Sort of a NZFiendjewydecimal system that only I would ever understand. Found a few good books down the back of the bookshelf that I had long ago forgotten about owning. Found some real crap too. Even a Danielle Steel hardcover with a perfect dust jacket (never opened..!)

Whilst I was doing that I couldn’t do a lot else as have a bad back and was lying on the floor. That is one way to stay focused.

I then spent the next four hours going from here to there tidying random bits. Getting super carried away trying to sort out some stuff and then simply forgetting about it and throwing heaps of other stuff into a box. And then moving the box after doing the dishes to find the super sorted out computer cables and devices that look more OCD than ADhD. Ooops.


Ahhh, one of the nice Samoan ladies had put it in a basket for me. Jeeez, I have had clothes stolen doing that before.

Ah well, at least I remembered this time. Sometimes I have left it for days and only remembered when I cannot find my favourite jeans or something! Hahahahhaha.

Anyway, I opened the mailbox for the first time in months. Found a letter from the tenancy tribunal wanting a court date to kick me out for non payment of rent. Don’t know why these people never use the telephone. The court date was on Monday, meaning I missed it. I have not seen any heavy set men with moving trucks coming to collect me and my stuff yet. So, wonder what happened at court on Monday? Ho hum.

I got a letter from the Police. This is usually bad news. But this one says

Dear Sir

Infringement Notice: E0847101

I refer to your correspondence regarding the above infringement notice.

After careful consideration of your comments and the circumstances surrounding the issue of this notice, it has been decided on this occasion to waive the offences. Accordingly, you are no longer required to pay the fees.

Yours Sincerely,

M. Raynes, Adjudicator, Police Infringement Bureau

Wow, Mr M Raynes. Thank you very much. This was not for the $400 ticket(s) for having no reg and warrant on the day my sister died. I had not even noticed they were due. My sister got back, and that is all I was concentrating on. In New Zealand they usually use “discretion” in these cases and give you a few weeks to sort out the paperwork and money for new reg and warrant stickers. They could see the car was pretty road worthy, if it was a hazard they would have labelled as such on the spot. The cop said he would not worry about the warrant and reg stickers being only six days overdue and then went back to his car and then would not let me drive and wanted to take my license off me. I wanted to see my sister, so I drove off. He then waited a month and sent me the $400 tickets in the mail. Asshole.

Anyway, good news. Thanks M Raynes. But I cannot even remember  what this ticket was for!

What else is good news? Some people in Auckland whom I have been following loosely via their mental health blog have a bit of an opening for me to do some interesting work. Really excited by that actually. As you may, or may not know, I have an interest in changing the world. I would like to think for the better. If you are strongly capitalist scum, please vomit in your own shoes now. For the rest of us, I think trying to get more discussion around sociable housing models in the pro active care of clients / users / victims and associated … Well… What the hell. I am going to have to sort out what it is I am doing really. There are so many things.

Someone give me some smack. I would have no trouble with this frontal lobe headache I keep getting if I was on smack. I would just chose a path and charge down it. With no drugs I am at the top of the hill and cannot work out which track to go down…

Made a banana cake last night. Roughly chopped up some chocolate and threw it in before baking. Quite nice.

Uhm. Right.

Anyway... So, I am opening mail…

Bloody legal paperwork… And the courier company who tried to drop off the stuff for my real internet… And Hell…  They let me off ONE fine (above) but I got another letter from Adjudicators saying they would not wipe the other ones! $400. What the fuck? Hahahahha. Ah well, whatever. I guess I should open my mailbox more than once every four months. But there is never good news in it, so why bother?

But then there is some more bad news – More money owing to fines. Too bad, get stuffed. Twits.

Uhm, then some good news. I have an appointment with a Mr T Flewett at Wellington Hospital. He is addictions and ADhD guy. But, unfortunately, he thinks ADhD is genetic. Interesting theory, and one which is worth chatting about for hours. But we only have a short time together. Which will, most likely, result in stories about vacuum cleaners.

So, I vacuumed my floor finally. Almost four hours after starting. Good effort.

And now I have a real headache forming. I have all this family court paperwork to open as am due in family court tomorrow morning. Not happy.

Might go for a walk in the sun. To the police station. With a copy of these letters. I demand an explanation. In triplicate. On my desk by morning. Or else.


And then I was just walking back inside and there is a new girl living upstairs. Her boyfriend was walking down the stairs saying “Who lives underneath?”

“A guy” she says

“Oh, a whitey?….”

This is going to go well.


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