DAY ***, better work this out…

So I last took a dose on Saturday 1st June around 10am. This is approximately 1422 hours ago or 85320 minutes. There has been some long minutes. In fact, some long seconds. Some seconds seem to go on for ten. This would make each minute seem like five or ten. TIme is relative.

According to the neighbour my relatives cannot be trusted.

So, here we are. It is day 59 since I had a dose. But day 58 of being “Clean”. I don’t even think that adds up truthfully. How about the amount of days since withdrawal started? Yeah. That’ll do.

And, my little countdown timer to the date is correct. I am sorry if a number of posts have the wrong day count on them. I was pretending to be onto it. I obviously wasn’t. (Aren’t)

Just saw all the neighbours other than the chief idiot. They all had tales to share about him too. I don’t understand why someone can ring up and claim they are being stabbed and then not even go to court for wasting police time… The system just encourages more people to take law into their own hands, and then locks them up for doing so.

New Zealand has the second highest rate of imprisonment in the world. Behind the USA, we are second to none. It doesn’t work.

Locking people up for what should be a mental health issue, or at least a medical issue, is not working. The war on drugs is anything but. I know smack dealers in the U.K who have never been arrested. The police know them, they know the police. It is purely a good excuse to harass otherwise good people whenever (and almost however) they choose to.

The “Department of Corruptions” (Corrections) does no such thing. They don’t correct anything.

IN fact, in countries with NO POLICE there is a lower crime rate (I remember this from primary school days, do NOT ask for an APA style reference, you are NOT getting one…)

In New Zealand they use slogans like “Safer Communities Together“. Which is kind of a load of total horseshit. The Police help clean up the mess. But they are run like a corporation – They have “clearance rates” and other such meaningless statistical dribble to concern themselves with. They don’t actually achieve their stated goal. Which is, apparently, lowering the amount of crime.

One of the first countries to engage a police force in its current form is the England. How has the crime rate fallen there?

It has gone up. 

Even in recessions, plague, strikes... The crime rate was lower with less police than more.

I can only put it down to the fact that I would be more scared of being caught stealing and having the shop keeper cut my fingers off. The police would lock the shop keeper up for it nowadays.

And I, with my ten digits, would be happily eating free junk food.


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