DAY59 – Counting the hours until the 60 day keyring kicks in

Awesome. Almost sixty days. That is an effort. A good effort even. Something that I should pat myself on the back for. God knows that being an adopted, ADhD drug addled mess would dictate that no one else ever would bother.

I wonder if it has anything to do with my genes?  My hereditary genes, that is.  Being adopted and growing up with my foster family was one thing.  Being told that we had a crazy gene that ran in our biological family was another thing altogether.  In all honesty, it provided an answer for me.  I can’t remember whether I was shocked, or whether I was relieved when I was first told the truth.  All I remember was jumping for joy inside because, as tragic as it was, knowing that I had crazy aunt’s and uncle’s everywhere made me feel not so alone with my wackiness.

Used without permission from

Permission is for pussy’s.

Genes? Very little actually. The psychiatrists will dissagree, but they are just drug company rep’s in drag.

It is all inter-generational hand me downs from your primary care givers. In the sense of feelings and attachment, not genes. No matter what they say, they do not show you the same kind of care as they show to their “Real” offspring. It is just not possible. On some level, way deep down, like further down than they realise themselves… Like right down… Where the sun don’t shine… That far down. And then take it further. That is where you will find the actual real attachment and development that occurs within our brains and dictates our behaviours.

You can take a person and ask them questions about their upbringing. You can predict with almost 100% accuracy how their children will behave at 1 year old (attachment or lack of to mother / father and the stressors shown when that attachment is broken and / or restored…) and then how that child will be placed and presented in society at age 21. No shit. I talk the truth here. These studies have been done many times. Always with the same result.
(I know, I know, those of you who read more than one sentence of my drivel will be sick of this link by now …)

The human genome project is basically a pile of crap.

A book I recently read suggested the genome project is like a schools consice Oxford dictionary. It has all the words of Shakespear, Dickens or Freda Patangata, but it does not have the method, the prose, the complicated plot that makes us up as humans.

The mind controls the body. The body controls the mind. Like a muscle you use a lot, it gets bigger and stronger. My wanking hand is stronger than my writing hand. It is good to have options mind you. Although my writing is not too good with my right.

The actual results of gene research are useful, but really garbage when placed in relationship to the effects of stress (and external stressors) over multiple generations.

You could have a “breast cancer gene” but never actually have breast cancer. However, if you have environmental factors, the gene AND the stress which means your immune functions don’t work all that well and cannot be bothered attacking the mutating cancer cells then you are pretty much going to get breast cancer. Without fail really. Almost completely predictably. But no one cares until you have it. Then you die. And everyone writes stuff like “hey, awesome lady – always putting others first, was always there when we needed her, never got upset, was the best person ever…” But all this goes to show that she had repressed her anger and her lack of positive emotional attachment when being raised… Blow your fuse. Fly off the handle. It is long term beneficial.

You can get breast cancers WITHOUT the “breast cancer gene” by the way.

So the damn drug companies and corporate greed structure that support the genome project are constantly updating the news media with their latest “finds”. This insures their stocks go up, the money keeps coming in, and the status quo of “haves” and “have nots” is enforced further.

Simply put, it is ‘HEALTHY, POSITIVE LIVING.’Sounds so corny, but I want it soooo badly.  And I will get it.  I will!  Maybe not next week, or the week after.  Or even the week after that.  But in time.  All in good time.

….the-lifestyle-overhaul-challenge-update/ again, without persmission…. Sounds exactly like every “positive affirmation” book sleeve, self help book or narcotics anonymous brochure… There is something in this crap. It’s embarrasing to admit… But I would be embarrased to admit it if my Dad was not such an ass.

It is clearly demonstrated that WORK STRESS is the LARGEST CONTRIBUTING FACTOR to heart disease. Yet, go talk to your doctor and they will scan you for cholestoral build up and advise a healthy snack rather than a pie for lunch.

Nothing wrong with a health snack, rather than a pie. But hey, maybe the healthy snack actually helps you relax somewhat? Somehow? This is a true holistic approach to health. This IS NOT PROFITABLE.

War is.


It may even be positive.

But only if the millions it kills are those that currently “have”. The “have nots” should go hide in the hills somewhere. With Tama Iti, but without bare bums.

The biggest divider of health statistics in modern capitalist societies is DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH.
But, so saying that =- Those with identical incomes have a different rate of early onset heart disease. And it is not those who eat more pies… The statistics show that the BOSS on the same salary as the MIDDLE MANAGER will not get heart disease. The MIDDLE MANAGER will.

It is not the pies fault.



  1. Wow…Me and you…we could be good friends. Also, am not entirely sure on whether I should be flattered…or offended. Leaning towards the flattered. And I agree. Permission is for pussies.



    1. Flattered, offended. Hell… Throw a coin up and see what happens. Some of the best things in life are like that. I was so offended when someone suggested I had ADhD that I almost took their nose off with my boot. But hey, I think they may have been onto something. Twenty years later…! Ooops.


  2. well done, so do you think Sam McBride telling you there was no way you could do it strengthened your determination? sorry grumpy this morning, in need of a day to myself


    1. You, grumpy? Wot-evvvvaaaaaaa….

      Nah. Sam McBride telling me I couldn’t do it was nothing. I couldn’t give a shit what the guy says, he has screwed over so many people, not just me. He *really* should not be working in addictions.


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