Family Court, it sucks

Family court. Sucks. Useless lawyers. Man hating lawyers. Retard lawyers. Man hating system in general. Possession is ten tenths of the law with family court. She ran off with the kid. Therefore, a decade later, I am still jumping through hoops and hitting my head on a brick wall.

Fuck it.

Went and picked up my new computer that had to be returned. So, after a week, I finally can start putting software and files onto it! Yay. This was happy.

Went to Mechanical Tempest  and fixed my bike a little. Bloody good people. Had some good discussion. Was the happiest part of my day, for sure. They are brilliant. Then ran off to N.A meeting. Arrived there sore and stiff and twenty minutes late. And then this guy who has no respect for me at all asked me to share straight away. I didn’t even know what the topic was, I asked “who else has shared, who is closing?” and he just said “what? Pardon?” so I said, “if you cannot understand me, I am not going to say it again, so NO, I am not sharing.”

His partner came up afterwards and tried talking, I walked out. Can’t be fucked with that shit. Like Christians who bum fuck little boys. If you preach your preaching, then act the acting. Walk the walk, talk the talk. Threaten me with a baseball bat or gun, USE IT!

Anyway, so fuck that. That was my sixty day “birthday”. No stupid fucken N.A keyring for me. High and mighty assholes with three years clean time and only doing the second step. There’s twelve. That’s ten to go. You’re going to be dead before you finish them dickwad.

Whatever. Anger. It is good. Unless it turns into rage and I witness my own fist crashing through some N.A know all’s face.

Guess I have a bit going on in my head still. I cannot think straight half the time, and the other half I am trying to stop giving myself headaches. There is just too much stuff to deal with. And I don’t want to bother.


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