White Rabbits, Brown Sugar and Round Man

“White Rabbits” everyone. And I had porridge with brown sugar.

Life, it is upward spiral in nature. 


Just wrote a very short email to my childs lawyers respectfully asking that due to ongoing bias they should stand down as lawyers for child and allow court to appoint a different lawyer.


ROUND MAN, A round Man in a Square hole.

Co-Incidence. I don’t believe it them.

Here is one from yesterday.

I buy an old record from 1989 from a collector in Nelson. On the record is a song called ROUND MAN. I have been waiting for the songs author to come visit me for ages. PHIL HARRY DEATH is useless like that. He blames head injury. I blame his apathy. Sonic Arts record has been sitting here waiting for people to come and sign it. One day it might be worth something. Doubt it. But who else owns a really brand new copy? No one. ME!

So, I know where a few of the artists are and want them to sign it. No hurry, whenever. Didn’t even tell them about it. Just on the off chance. You know.

Anyway, HARRY DEATH has been seen in the ‘hood recently, but his usual slack ass never made it to my door. Well, turns out he did. I wasn’t home. That’s what cellphones are for mind you. Useless prick he is.

Anyways, I text him saying “Phil Death you useless prick, I have an LP here with ROUND MAN on it. Come and say hello fuck face”. He rings back laughing.

Hey, I couldn’t believe it. But I am visiting this chick when you text and she is in ROUND MANS spare room…”

“Yeah Phil, I don’t believe in co-incidence. The very word means ‘multiple incidence'”

“Yeah, I guess. But I hated ROUND MAN and this is the first time I have seen him in twenty something years!”

Phil – You should not be astounded at this. You should be astounded that you are astounded. Of course two random people who have never met will appear in your life at exactly the same time. You should expect that. But, don’t let that take away from your obvious happiness…. Get back to me when you work out how it works…..”

“Fucken what?”

“Cheers Phil… See you sometime,….”

I will see Phil sometime. I went to his daughters Mums funeral – the jail would not let him out for a few hours… But we have a couple of old friends dying of liver cancer right now. So will be seeing him in his suit sometime soon I imagine.

And you know what? These guys who have been having cancers rip through their bodies are out there wheeling and dealing benzo’s and opiates right up to their last breath.

Fair enough mind you. I would be more inclined to save them up and take them all on my terms.

My sister just died of cancer. I didn’t take any of her benzo’s or opiates. But I did have a stock of my own. She was happy about that.


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