It’s not ALL bad news

So, I got HEP C in jail about twenty years ago. The NZ Health Dep’ used to issue pamphlets and advisories to the effect that you could re-use syringes if you boiled them for a while and / or sunk them in a bleach solution. They even provided little packets of bleach for you to do just this.

Turns out they are full of it.

Didn’t work in the slightest. Luckily half of us more clever people didn’t believe them anyway.

But then, when in jail, needs = must. We even went so far as to take days to source all the stuff. Bleach from the washroom, boiling jug with removable top… And then it took us another day to get into the same cell for long enough to swap drugs, cook, use and contract HEP C.

Good effort lads. Ten out of ten.

I always tell people I got it from razors in jail. They were overlooked by the health department too as it happens. What’s the difference?

Today I went for a Fibro-Scan. A thumpy thing thumps on your ribcage and it returns results ultrasound style. I have scaring and death to some of my liver, but not as bad as the original liver function tests would have indicated. This is what you get for not smoking cannabis or drinking for ten years. A healthy dying liver. Not an unhealthy dying liver. Awesome.

Thumping your ribs with a little piston doesn’t find little cancers mind you……. (ahem)

The genome type of HEP I have is the type that responds by dying in 98% of the people on this new NZ designed drug. It has no side effects of interferon (death being a major side effect) and is almost twice as succesful. Quite happy to give that a go.


I may not even start a class action lawsuit against the Health Department now. But twenty years with this thing surely has caused some problems. Trouble is that I have had it my whole adult life. So I’ve no idea of how life could be without it.

Hope to let you know sometime.


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