66.6 DAZE

Wow, who would have thought. 66.6 days after jumping off heaps of methadone and life is strange. 

My cognitive functions seemed to take a rather large dip… I now have some sort of a cold. Don’t feel well at all. Stomach ulcer symptoms seem to be settling ever so slightly, but… Well… If I had a job I would be taking the day off and sitting in bed with lemon drinks.

Along with my mood in general. External influences such as my Grandma dying a few days ago, the internet still not being connected (four weeks to get ADSL put on – seriously, is this the new technology wave that the Government is riding back into power on?!), the pigs won’t drop the charges I am up on, the housing people have not rung me back even though I have rung them every three days for three weeks (they took me to court to get me evicted for non payment of rent, but all my finances like that are handled by a budget company), my car is in parts and I have no energy or effort to spare on it, the cellphone internet keeps dropping back to 2G and then losing connection AND I am not allowed to see my daughter.

I have a huge uphill battle with all this crap. I have been having dreams involving my daughter. Usually she is taken away from me by someone in her mothers family, but once or twice she has simply done something stupid and ran off a cliff into water and drowned… But then, if it was real, I would be jumping off the cliff after her… But, of course, the family court will not let me jump off the cliff after her. So I stand at the top and watch whilst her silly Mum crawls onto the rocks and holds her hand out… But of course she never reaches our daughter who gets further away….

At least I can’t be blamed for any of it. (good one!)



And to top it off I really wanted to finish reading some books, but others have put requests in for them at the library. Ah well.

You know what I have to do?

  • Court paperwork
    to put forward a good case as to why Annette Gray should be removed as counsel for child. She is utterly biased. I wrote her an email saying “have a good look at how and why I would think you are biased against me. And then try and explain to yourself how I could be wrong”. Of course, I expect this to get as much traction as everything else I say to her. NONE AT ALL. It was just fun sending an email really. I don’t think that actual real thinking about things is high up on the Annette Gray brain function priority list. Maybe she is behind on her rent and needs the extra income to pay some bills… Don’t get me wrong, I use the Government to pay some of my bills too, but not at $100 an hour for causing the country more harm than good!
  • Police paperwork
    about this damn police complaint I really should file. Gives me a headache just contemplating it.
  • Make contact with my criminal lawyer
    With regards to these charges… But, seriously, I think it is fair enough to drive off and go to hospital and be with your sister as she dies. I do not think it is fair enough that the police ordered me to stay there and to leave my car at the side of the road when my sister was dying. They can get stuffed.

It’s just not happy stuff. It gives me headaches. God knows I have had enough headaches lately.

I think I had one for almost a week working out Scientology, Platoism and my god – POSA.


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