Building Blocks

Foundations of recovery. I figure these are skills and skill sets and awareness.

They say you need solid foundations. Big wide foundations.

I am suggesting you need foundations that include a base isolator. Like Wellingtons buildings – You build a solid foundation, then you put in a flexible, movable dampening system, like the suspension on your car say.

So, this is my way of keeping my foundations – my skills – isolated from earth shattering events.

Just what an earth shattering event may be is up to you.

I have some ideas, but I am not going to admit publicly that sometimes jail, personality changing med’s or diving head first into a swimming pool fill of narcotics sounds like a lively career prospect.

At the moment I have no career prospects.

I have to start writing down my ideas. I had a great idea for getting some funding the other day. Now I don’t remember it.

My brain is killing me. Cannot remember much of anything. Have to photocopy stuff out of books….



That’s right. You guessed it. Fucken NONE.

It is all due by 4pm tomorrow. And I have not started.

I blame Gabor Mate… In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts turned up at lunch time. I am almost half way through.


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