Progress, slow. But, it is.


Riskgame2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cooked myself a half decent meal tonight. Actually got it together enough to boil some potatoes out the ground, heat up some peas, carrots and beans…. And lightly pan fry some gurnard fish fillets. Bloody brilliant. Seventy days into this giving up methadone thing and…. Well… To tell you the truth it is the longest I have been straight for in quarter of a century.

That counts out all artificial sources of dopamine due to addictions of any sort. Like alcohol, pills, drugs… Or even the risk taking extreme sports type activities. Or whatever else feeds it.

I am now a bona fide recovery addict. Boring as that sounds. I drove my car today and only over took one car going up a hill. I know, I know, the slipping clutch slows me down, but that is the only time I felt like over taking. Unreal. I think I have Dr. Gabor Maté to blame again. After reading his book about ADhD, Scattered Minds, I have had somewhat of an ADhD awakening. I now realise that it is okay to drive at the speed limit. The only thing that slows me down is not Police sirens… No sire.

Not only is it possible to learn something about yourself but, similarly to spotting psychopaths after reading various books on them, I am now overly qualified to diagnose attention deficit disorders. 

This is fun. I am working on the graphics for a board game based on it.


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