Day, whatever. Here we are… Centre. Breathe.

Whilst not being too big on YOGA (years of skinny white man ADhD’ing has left me very inflexible) I can see the benefits in centre’ing, pulling yourself together, and having a big old relaxing breath or two. Three if you need it.

I got send this in the email….

Hello to PeerZone inquirers and supporters.
It’s been a fantastic year for PeerZone. We now have 35 certified PeerZone facilitators in New Zealand and Australia and we are certifying more. This is a friendly reminder that there are still some places on the PeerZone facilitator orientation courses in:

      • Auckland: 17 to 20 September
      • Christchurch: 14 to 17 October
      • Auckland: 18 to 21 November

We are giving one free place in each course to a facilitator from a low income peer run organisation.We also want to acknowledge Waitemata DHB for providing sponsorship to the NGOs they contract with.

Get in touch with us today and spread the word to others you think will be interested. For more info on PeerZone see the attached file or visit

This looks very interesting. Was sent to me whilst I was out and about being offered N.A Sponsorship yesterday. It would be hard to do this whole twelve step N.A thing and do other things at the same time I reckon. Then again, I could be one of those special types who takes twelve years to do the twelve steps. I dare say my attendance at meetings would drop off….

I am in Wellington, so am a little unsure about this Auckland or Christchurch thing. Seems a bit complicated to poor old me. Apparently the Wellington one is starting today. Which kind of ruins my chances to be honest!

I am so annoyed with the world. A group of NZ scientists are getting a team together to look into how autism originates and their main drive is GENETICS. Bloody hell, when will it stop?

I think as long as you say GENETICS, you will get Government funding for a decade long study. If you said you were looking at the effects of hormonal imbalances in the womb (say cortisol, stress / anxiety) then you would get a letter from some person whom is employed to open envelopes saying “thank you for your submitted research proposal, but all our allocations have been finalised this year. Please try again in 2025”.

GENETICS is not the answer for everything. Just like genetics doesn’t make you smoke pot… But, if your Mum and Dad smoke pot around the house all day, chances are you will too. It’s not genetic. Dickheads.

Today is actually about my car.

And how does all this help me get my cars gearbox into the car? It doesn’t really.

The N.A people would suggest not worrying about the car.

I am not worrying. I am simply doing. Along the way I will meet some like minded car people with whom I will talk some shit about cars and get our hands covered with car juice. To me, this is quite fun.

Peer lead yoga for the car enthusiast.

Breathe. Put bits in lathe and mill. … Meditate. Just keep eyes open whilst using the industrial machines. It is quite calming though. Turning stuff on lathes and measuring and turning…. Hmmmm…

Give up drugs by becoming a machinist. Works for me.


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