I want an N.A alternative

. Their way or the high way. It’s interesting. The highway could be useful. Most of the world ARE NOT IDENTIFYING as drug addicts. Most of the world are doing something healthy with themselves and their lives.

I have always been of the opinion that you can do what you want if you work and think enough about it. I decided to stop taking drugs, so I did.

And socialisation is important (very). I think N.A meetings have been good, and I thank the old N.A girl who talked me into it.

But, also – I read books and I email and I talk outside of N.A. I do not agree with a few things in N.A. I do not like the “disease” model. I do not like the way they pour scorn on those who want to research and find out things for themselves. There appears to be no place in N.A for open minded philosophy or science.

I can see N.A works. It keeps people clean, as long as you follow the steps ™, their way ™, and hold hands whilst saying positive affirmations. Everything you learn is good. It is a slow process mind you.

Live in centres with a detox, a look at your life, a life skills and a university paper or two at the end would be more appropriate.

I just don’t know. I want an alternative.


Drove a hundred KM round trip to check and order a clutch and get a flywheel machined. Stopped in to see Mr Death. Had a chat about N.A. He swears that drug addiction is a disease and gets quite angry when I suggest it may not be. AAAARRRRRRG! It’s like the “alcoholism gene” they found a decade ago. Hahahahahah. AAARRRG! Idiots!

It’s a war on errorism. And I am starting it.Parts of a stencil

But first, I went all yoga meditation type and lay under a car in the rain removing sway bars. Then went to mates CNC workshop and he was busy cutting stencils for spray painting company logos onto scaffolding.  He built a heater out of some wire filament and I went and cut two bits of pipe in half down the middle so we could heat the plastic sign and push it into the inside of a pipe and push a thinner pipe into it. And then put a top on it.

At the end of the day you end up with company logo on the scaffold pipe by clipping the plastic stencil around the pipe and hitting the area with your can of dayglow spray paint.

A good design really. Me and this guy have known eachother twenty five years. Totally punk rocker at the time, he is now Mr Wife and Kids. He doesn’t go to N.A. Or A.A. But he does have kids just a little younger than mine and we have spent the odd weekend together with kids. Was good fun.

Sure has been a good day actually.

Positive stuff. Doing things. Designing things.  Making things. Zoning out with some power tools working metal and machines.

I am not going to go and remind everyone I am an addict tonight. 


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