Drug research

Went and participated in a drug research project by the criminologist people at Victoria university this afternoon. Again, was an awesome example of re-inventing the wheel.

This lecturer guy was happy to let me just shoot my mouth off and mentioned something along the lines of “I usually have to ask people more questions…………..”


Anyway, after he turned the microphones off he says “you know what, your observations about ADhD and mental health are almost exactly spot on. From the research I have done to date I would say 40-50% of long term crystal meth users can identify some way as ADhD….”

So, now all I have to do is work out a way to pay the bills and get my daughter to come and visit once in a while.

I had a bad morning.

I have been trying to get the internet put on now for over a month. And still no internet. I have been ringing the same companies time and time again and they have failed to provide the service time and time again.

Even for a non addict this would be somewhat annoying.

Then I opened some mail that I have been avoiding and found bad news from the family court (to be expected – that’s why I didn’t open the letters!…) Did not open the letters from my daughters mothers lawyer. No good can come from that. I will leave it until the morning of the court hearing to open that crap I think.

So, that wasted three hours on the phone. And still no internet. No phone line. Nothing. 

I got a bit annoyed and depressed about always being stuffed around. I left home with no idea where I was going and ended up at Supercheap Auto buying some tools adapters I have lost… And then found myself showing an engineering company the V8 gearbox I own. And them telling me there was nothing they could do to help me fit it to the Inline Six cylinder.

Interesting. Now I am down to designing my own parts and paying through the nose to manufacture them. Well… Maybe… The input shaft on the gearbox is too long and a few other bits don’t line up with the inline six engine. Guess that is something to achieve in itself…. Have had requests for some car parts I used to make, so may have to go back into production mode with some of those. Is never enough to pay the bills mind you – And long term I should do something else.

Wish I could remember what my idea was for that grant money for raising awareness on some specific mental health issues… 

Maybe I could do a poster.

“I have AD… something or other…:”


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