Gabor Matè says USA Government kills A list celebrities (**)

Good old Dr. Gabor Matè has updated his website… And there is a story on his blog about Celebrity Addicts Dying. I think he could have taken it a step further and confirmed the USA Government plot to kill anti-establishment artists by stealth, in this case, smack or other “overdose”…). Personally, I think he missed the point there. Revolution everyone.

I have just finished reading In the Realm Of the Hungry Ghosts and can safely say I am getting Gabored out. After reading three books by the same author in little over a month, on very similar subject matters, you would be hard pressed not to start feeling the same.

Japanese scroll

Japanese scroll which describes the realm of the hungry ghosts and how to placate them. Picture from 12th century at the Kyoto National Museum. (Wikipedia)

And you know what?


Well, if you stop interrupting I will tell you.

I am not interrupting. You’re interrupting.

Well… I have another book to read now too. 

Boring. I have a problematic car to work on.

SHUT UP. I have a kid that I can’t see.

No book will help with that.

True enough. This book is Hold_On_to_Your_Kids and I purchased it.

Why didn’t you purchase that ADhD book then dickhead?

I should have. You are correct.

 Right. Now I have to go and drive 70km to pick up a clutch for my car. Wonder how I can pay for the petrol?

Well, Gabor says that prostitution always works if you’re that addicted to your petrol.


Just saying. 

(**) Gabor actually said no such thing. Even if he allowed himself to think it, he would certainly not publicly state it. Hell, I doubt he would even privately state it. Even when stone cold drunk, surrounded by communists, in a classical music store. 


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