Car stuff

Drawing of car interior

My Drawing of My Car interior

Did you pull the car apart then NZFiend?

“Actually, no, did not quite get that far Jay…”

What did you do today then?

“I drove to a workshop or two, but they were all busy, so ended up jacking up the ass end of my wagon and climbing underneath to crack the bolts holding the drive shaft to the diff.”

Sounds like fun.

“Don’t be a dickhead Mr Leno. Of course it was not fun. Prick.”

You are swearing, I am going to hang up now…

“Fuck you. I could not get the nuts and bolts moving so reversed over the pit and managed to keep all my knuckles intact cracking them…. Then drove car out, onto street, police car out there with lights on… Reversed back down drive quick smart and dove under front of car into the pit.”

How the hell do you always find police?

“I don’t, they find me mate. Anyways, so I started looking around at pulling gearbox out again and found there was only one bolt left holding the gearbox to the bellhousing. This could explain some of the play and movement in the shifter….”

What the hell? You’re a dodgy bugger.

“Yeah, guess so. Would never treat someone elses car the way I treat mine. Why bother putting six bolts in something when one will do?!”

God, give me the serenity…..

“I know what you’re saying. Playing around under a car actually works well. Stuff N.A. Much better to do something which forces you to think straight. Cars. Good.”

I wonder if drawing pictures and doing stuff can work for your life in general? Don’t see why not really. All this personal development stuff sounds good at first, but then I look at everyone I know and don’t actually see any happy people. I see a bunch of idiots plodding along, doing jobs, complaining about their friends… I don’t see many people that are really being truly happy.

It’s a work – life balance thing. I am happy not being a self centred buddha. 

But I would be very happy working my ass off designing things to make peoples lives better.

Maybe I should be a designer?? 

There’s an idea.

I should be a designer or something

I should be a designer or something

This is a photo of a product I made. It is a bottle, with an abstract interior. The metal base is alloy with a logo. The base contains a microphone and lights the bottle from underneath with different colours in time to vibrations collected from base.

Clever, to some extent.



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