DAY 80, Psychopath

ZX Spectrum graphic from 1982 I think. I would have been nine at the time. You have to understand the Spectrum, but drawing this using cursor keys (the ones with arrows on them) and the spacebar to leave a dot (or backspace to delete a dot) is how it is done. It is also drawn in inverse. So the yellow hand is DOT ON, the blacks are DOTS OFF.

Am still reading the book  Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton… Although I score highly on the somewhat dubious test procedure for psychopathy (Hare – PCLR, incarcerated) have also scored highly on the version on Suttons web site. There is no substitute for the 130 question option, which I think I have done as a thirty year old as part of a probation service psych test regime.

It is amazing that the Police, Government, Corrections Departments and media outlets are so far behind the real world thinking… They have recently been saying things like “we now have a record of all the car number plates reported to us for driving badly and we are building pictures of where and when these people go as we know that these people also commit other crimes.

Wellington has just set up a four man “road police intelligence unit”. I saw them at the coffee shop in the library yesterday when picking up Bruce Alexanders book. I rode into the library, jumped off bike, walked past them looking down at them, they all stare at me.

“Why you looking at me?” is the main jist of the look I throw back. They may have read the look on my face more of “fuck you” variety. I don’t care.

You have to wear a helmet when riding a bike in NZ. I never wear a helmet. They give me dandruff. Honest.

The psychopathic thing is really damn interesting. There are more psycho’s running countries or corporations than actually get to jail. The world is being overtaken by the bastards.

I can relate to them quite well in a lot of regards.

However, Anti Social Personality Disorder has a big cross over there. And guess what? ADhD could explain some traits too. Like testing for having no long term sexual relationship. Could be a hundred reasons. But really, I can think of a few. And, oh shit, they would lead to a positive Hare test too, in their own way. Hahahaha. Shoot myself in the foot with my own gun. Right there. You saw it.

The thing is, that people with ADhD are well over represented in jails. We are also the people that drive too fast, always having to be somewhere else. That is a huge problem for me – I *always* feel like I should be doing something else. This, in turn, leads to anxiety and depression when I cannot find what it is I should be doing.

I spent three years living in this house before I willingly spent a whole day here. I had spent other whole days here, when releasing myself from hospital and not being able to walk being one example…. But first WILLING day took three years. That is telling.

So, the Police and these Government types are now using optical recognition software on all the cameras covering the motorways and towns. They can detect your numberplate. Easy. You know what they do then? They write you a letter saying something about your speed saying “a member of the public has informed us that….”… The “member of the public” in this case is someone whom goes through the camera footage each night.

They will then soon be able to arrest everyone with ADhD on sight as they are definitely going to do something antisocial in the next day or week. If not days or weeks, definately next month. Arrest them now, and save the state dollars that could be spent on jails. And more Police of course.

We need more jails and police. We need empty space in the jails for when the top executives at the large corporations all finally get accused of crimes against humanity or “bringing the business world into disrespect”.

Trouble is, to win at business you need no respect or empathy for your own company, It is an interesting situation.

One that should result in the death penalty. John Key, number one.


Through years of scientific research, personality psychologists have discovered that personality consists of five separate ‘wavelengths’ of character: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. The questionnaire you have just completed measures differences among normal individuals with regard to these five wavelengths (I’ve also sneaked in another, Persuasiveness, because that’s something I’m particularly interested in.) It is not a test of intelligence or ability.

  • Neuroticism: Very High
    You tend to be sensitive, emotional, and prone to experience feelings.
  • Extraversion: Low
    You tend to be introverted, reserved, serious. You prefer to be alone or with a few close friends.
  • Openness to Experience: Very High
    You are open to new experiences. You have broad interests and are very imaginative.
  • Agreeableness : Very Low
    You tend to be hardheaded, sceptical, proud, and competitive. You tend to express anger directly.
  • Conscientiousness: Very Low
    You tend to be easygoing, not very well organized, sometimes careless. You prefer not to make plans.
  • Persuasiveness: Very High
    You are confident. charismatic, empathic, and have a strong personality.

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