My LiFe (rolls eyes and sighs)

Yesterday I went to pull out my cars gearbox at around 11am. I got under the car at about 2pm. Shut the garage and drove off at 4pm. Gearbox was definitely very much not removed from car. Actually, it had more bolts holding it in!

Today is sunny. I am going to do it. Honestly.

Right after I copy this paragraph from Bruce K. Alexander introducing his book ;

I have, however, found it necessary to subject one part of the conventional wisdom to detailed analysis. The still held belief that addiction can be caused simply by consuming one of the ‘addictive drugs’ continues to obscure the field of addiction today. The evidence that refutes this belief has been known for decades, but like a ghost that cannot rest in peace, the belief still haunts present day discussions with its dramatic images of irresistibly addictive drugs including heroin (“it’s so good, don’t even try it once”), crack cocaine (“the most addictive drug on earth”) and crystal methamphetamine (“even more addictive than crack cocaine!”)

You have to remember that this guy is the original guy to prove addiction to be anti social (my own term… Sorry…) by turning the science world upside down and allowing rats a normal social order whilst providing them with free drugs.

Just a point – I know heaps of people who would be willing to do this test… Forget rats mate – Send us some air fare money.

Uhm, yeah. Well.

So Bruce has been studying addiction for fifty years and it drove him up the wall. So he started doing history instead. And found that everything lead him back to addiction. He was having another eureka moment. Kind of.  A eureka moment filmed at 1000 frames per second and played back at very slow speed over the course of a week with a lot of coffee breaks maybe.

Anyway, why is it up to me, a simple ADhD addled addict to read these books?

Surely I should be able to go to the Addiction DisServices at the Government run health provider and they should be aware of some of the research and thinking around addiction etc?

Nope. Of course not. Bloody hell no. No fuken way.

It is enough to make someone want to get high. When nothing makes sense, go get some drugs.

It appears Sam McBride and the others at Addiction DisServices have found a way to switch their brains off quite well.

If only they would share.


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