Wellington has HEROIN. Apparently.

And N.A is not worth going to if you’re female. You will just get hit on constantly, end up pregnant and in a relationship with an idiot. 


Well, not that truly.

There are some people, both in N.A and out, who will look for vulnerable people and cash in if they can. In a group of thirty N.A victims, there may be three or four females. In general these people are either single or lesbian. They may, or may not, be vulnerable to advances from the idiot type.

If they are open, then good for them. If not, they should make it clear.

I bring up a case in point. Motorbike riders. Or, more accurately, MOTOCROSS riders. Not gang types at all. Like, they ride white Hondas and have no problem with day-glo pink protective body armour. 

This group also has thirty members. Three or four females amongst them. In general, they are either single or lesbian. But not for long. They will hook up with another motorbike rider within weeks / months.

The same could be said for almost any group of activities that are “boyish” in nature.

I suggest that any female when mingling with a group of mainly single guys will get a “hit ratio” of sometimes annoying proportion. It is not unusual in the slightest. I just wish I was female. Hahahahaahaha.

N.A is great for guys. There is NO WAY that a bunch of motorbike riders would hold hands and say a prayer. No matter how much pink body armour they are wearing. There is NO WAY a normal bunch of NZ blokes would sit around and talk about feelings of suicide, confusion or otherwise lay their sordid pasts out for strangers to pick to bits.

If you are a girl in such a place you are treated by most as “one of the boys”. Which is not to say the female perspective is lost or thrown away out of hand, but you should be treated as equal. With an equal capacity for brains, banter and intellect.

Therefore, if some idiot or two “hits” on you, you should be able to say “fuck off retard limp dick” and move on. It is only natural. Maybe a guy finds you attractive. God forbid.

Whilst I strongly think that relationships made during rehab or early drug recovery are garbage, there is a place for them. Sometimes they work well actually. Usually dysfunctional on a lot of levels, but probably better than selling your bum for twenty bucks worth of crystal meth………

If you are female and going to N.A and are somewhat psychologically impaired at the time (most of us are for the first six months!) you probably should not run off and publish a book claiming N.A is a waste of space as everyone there is just out to get their end away.

Just a thought.


According to this writer (yes, a girl who went to N.A for a few months) Wellington is full of heroin.

Her book, unread by my good self at this point in time (I am trying to remember this ladies name to find a copy…) also says some things about Wellington. Like she tried street methadone (as opposed to the chemist type, I guess?) and that led her into a heroin addiction.

FUCK ME. I tried for years to get a heroin addiction in Wellington. And I promise you I had better contacts than this girl. I got some heroin, yes. I got cocaine. I got good LSD. I got pretty much the best supplies of various drugs over a twenty year (off and on) career in the finer arts of illicit substance supply chain dynamics. And I could not sustain a heroin addiction as such.

Loosely speaking we were all heroin addicts. But we would buy morphine sulphate pills and go through a three step process to convert it to a heroin like substance.

I was quite okay at doing this with an electric oven, but could manage (in times of need) with only a lighter and tin foil… Once I used the hot exhaust manifold in the cars engine bay. Worked bloody well actually. Have used that one for toasted sandwiches and baking fish over the years… Nothing beats putting a fish in foil with lemon and leaving it in your cars engine bay on the pipes whilst you drive home and having perfectly cooked fish when you arrive!

In one of the original postings on this blog I did a test to see if I was an addict. The answer was, hardly astoundingly, YES.


Have you ever taken drugs you didn’t prefer? YES
Dude, I prefer double uo globe China White. It’s hard to get in NZ.

As you can see, heroin is not readily available in Wellington. If it was, trust me, I would have been fairly high up the supply chain. I would have never have let that opportunity pass me by. Nope. It has been proven, many times over. I can be very strong willed in this department.

This lady, whose name I forget in keeping with the anonymous tradition of N.A, claims to be a heroin addict in Wellington. She is about thirty years old according to my sources. This would put her drug using in the last decade or so.

Uhm. Large amounts of crystal meth from Asian people. Small amounts of coke from Russian speaking gentleman. MDMA and other party drugs from every blonde haired tourist type from central Europe.

But no heroin. Hell, hardly even any budha sticks. Nothing of any note in the strong opiate variety has landed on this drug Fiends desk for further inspection.

I have not read the book. I want to. I promise not to pick it to pieces. Much.



    1. Thanks Crabby. Yeah, I try to keep my thoughts and writings to things no one can complain about. Or, if they are going to complain, I have a bloody good argument to back me up.

      No one bothers arguing once they realise you are right.



  1. its not that hard to be an addict in nz. you’re right, 99% of the time, it will be through turning pills, but it is damn easy to be scoring as much as you want to turn 3 pills at a time 3 times a day every day for years if you want. if not more. and in fact, i used to be very high up the drug supply years ago, and back then i got everything. i got great cheap meth, best acid in the country, imported mdma from overseas, great coke, crazy amounts of es. but did only see heroin once through those years (did not try hard to get it) however now, i have fallen out of the trade and am just an addict and hell, i can get as much heroin as i want. so i dont think being high up the drug chain matters much cos heroin use is pretty excluded even from other drugs and their users.


    1. Fair point. But times do change. I could have got more heroin (of slightly dubious quality / purity) over the last year since writing this than I could have in the year previous to writing it.

      The import routes and people involved are different, agreed. Knowing one lot, does not really mean you’ll know the others. Wellington is small enough that, sooner or later, a reliable quality and constant source of any drug will become obvious to those interested in it (users, police or health officials alike – bugger them!)

      Methalone, MDMA “clone” seems to be latest doing the rounds in Wellington. As far as I can make out it is originally sourced from southern Italy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camorra territory) – possibly due to easy chemist trade with China… But, unlike all the P precursors and major supply busts in Wellington, have yet to see China involvement.

      I know for a fact some original purchases were made from Italian sources via cunning internet routes.

      Obviously the real heroin from Laos and that part of the world could be more available in centres with large expatriate base from those countries. Namely, AUCKLAND.

      I would suggest that HEROIN is back on the rise. But still well off most law enforcement radar.


  2. So, with a bit of historical knowledge, I will say once upon a time there was a lot of heroin in Wellington. I should know. I was born one. Aside from that though. I’m pretty young, so I would say you’d need to look back at least 40 odd years to find out about that.It would make for an interesting story. I would love to know more though….. Think Japs.


    1. Yes, unfortunately the book which got my back up on this one particular matter was written by a psych patient who was going out with a friend of a friend at the time of writing… In 2012… So, uhm, yeah… Well…!


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